Ok so here’s the deal on this hurricane: It looks pretty bad. I’m still going to the gun show tomorrow, but there are no large bodies of water nearby so I should be ok.  But in any event I worked through Himicane Floyd (male storm) and it wasn’t pretty. It turned out to be one of the longest shifts of my career. The department was utterly unprepared for the problems we encountered that day and truth be told we aren’t much better prepared years later.

But my real issue is with the retards who refuse to evacuate when told to do so. I hope they all get washed away. Look I don’t know if this storm is going to be as bad as the clueless media says it will be. All they do is hype a story like this for ratings sake. Journalists after all go to school for journalism, to learn how to do what bloggers figured out on their own. They usually have little expertise in any field they may actually be reporting on. So they embellish, hype and over dramatize. But what I do know is that pictures don’t lie. This is a BIG storm and it’s angry my friends. It’s half on land and half over the ocean. That could spell real trouble for the coast. Those who refuse to evacuate are ignorant and selfish. They are putting the lives of first responders and others in grave danger unnecessarily. 

They will be the first people calling 911 when it gets too much for them and their home is flooding up to the roof like Katrina. And some poor firefighter or Coast Guardsman will have to risk their lives because of their stupidity. Thankfully some jurisdictions refuse to answer 911 calls until the storm has passed. That’s good. If you refuse to take responsibility for your personal safety then we shouldn’t risk other people’s lives for the sake of your arrogance.

It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature. You bet.

To all my East Coast homies- batten down the hatches and get to somewhere safe.


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  1. Bob G. says:

    Lots of common sense there.
    Gonna be something to stay away from at the Jersey shore.
    Farther inland, it will be interesting to see what the surge does to the Delaware.
    And I can see the potential for a lot of outages across Philly.

    Hey, maybe Camden will be washed out to sea?
    (yeah, we can hope, eh?)

    Hold the high ground & roll safe out there.

  2. momhoppes says:

    Fill your bathtubs, sinks, all pots, pans, and buckets with water. The hot water tank is an excellent source of water for flushing toilets. The rest are for drinking, cleaning, etc.

    Have candles, oil lamps, lanterns, and flashlights handy. There are flashlights that go around the head to keep hands free for other things.

    Hard candy, coloring books, puzzles, notebooks, are good distractions as well as old fashioned board games.

    I am sure you are well stocked for food. Keep in mind the lack of ability to cook will likely be high. Outdoor grills and coleman stoves will come in handy. (Coleman stoves can run on regular gasoline as well as coleman fuel. They just don’t like to tell you that. Ask how I know. 😉 )

    Stay safe and don’t forget about the eye when the storm is “gone.” Oh, and keep your shoes ON. You don’t want to try to find them after if you have to sift through rubble. (And I pray you don’t.)

    • I’m pretty sure it won’t be as bad as all that up here in the city. Closer to the coast will probably get whacked. In any case you should use a lot of common sense, it seems to be the first thing that evaporates in events like this.

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  4. Bitter says:

    Too bad I missed you at the gun show – I was working the Friends of NRA table. I won’t be there today because I’m just too damn tired after being up all night trying to keep our house from filling with sewage. Well, I’m really just keeping Sebastian company while he tries to save the house.

  5. Jim Lynch says:

    Just a reminder to my friends in this storm’s path – don’t let your guard down after the weather clears. In my experience the cleanup can be worse than the storm. People with no experience with chainsaws, and fat old men like me, try to do things they have no ability to do. Be safe everyone.

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