JOEY VENTO 1940-2011 RIP

First In is sad to announce what many already know: Philadelphia icon, legend and businessman Joey Vento has died. An unabashed supporter of Philly’s cops and firemen Mr. Vento was our local symbol of resistance to the forces of political correctness. An original old school, south Philly guy he built Geno’s cheesteaks into an empire. Along the way he spoke his mind and made no apologies for it. I for one respect anyone who does that. Thanks for all you have done for our city Joey. Rest in peace. My condolences to the entire Vento family.

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4 Responses to JOEY VENTO 1940-2011 RIP

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    A true Philadelphia icon.

  2. Bob G. says:

    Gonna be some HUGE shoes to fill there, that’s for sure.

    Won’t be quite the same along 9th street….

    Stay safe out there.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Rest in Peace Sir, you WILL be missed…

  4. Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

    Rest in peace to a man I respected very much. Mr. Vento’s fearless outspokenness on his views of right & wrong were something that is not heard enough from Americans today. His outspoken views bothered many on the loony left & in the Democrat Party that they would instead patronize Pat’s Steaks & avoid Geno’s altoether for fear of Joey Vento telling them what they don’t want to hear. I love Geno’s food, but never met the man in person. May God rest you Joey Vento.

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