Well summer camp 2011 is finally over. This was our boys first time out to full-week, summer Boy Scout camp and by all indications it was a huge success. This was our newly formed troops first attempt at taking on the summer challenges camp throws at you. We took twelve boys to Resica Falls Boy Scout Reservation in upstate PA. We lucked out by going later in the season. The weather in the Pennsylvania mountains this time of the year is brilliant. While it warms up during the day it cools off rapidly at night. That makes for great sleeping. Little or no rain makes me happy and life in a tent a whole lot easier. Going in the last week means we had the run of the place.

As the Assistant Scoutmaster my job is to herd cats all day along with the other parents who helped out. We had eight parents attend camp at one time or another throughout the week which makes the parent to kid ratio better than most troops can dream of. Making sure the boys get where they need to be on time can be a challenge. But after a day or two they started taking the initiative and moving out on their own.

The boys for the most part had a great time. The younger boys were in the Dan Beard program. That program essentially gets their scouting career off to a flying start, knocking out many requirements at one time. At the end of camp our boys earned four merit badges each. That’s big time. While the younger boys knocked out Dan Beard… the older boys worked on lifesaving and even sailing merit badges. Resica Falls is a fantastic facility. The pool is awesome, the lake is beautiful and the camp is clean and well run with something like thirty to forty enthusiastic counselors. The boys barely had a free second. Between the rifle range, the pool, their program classes, the chow hall and other events they were all exhausted by the end of the day. This has been a big summer for Nick and the scouts. He earned five merit badges and is half way through his next two ranks. I always ask him if he likes it and every time I get an enthusiastic YES!

I really see the difference scouting has made in his growth. He is more independent and self-reliant than ever. While scouting may not be for every kid, for those who embrace it, it makes an enormous impact on them. Here’s the highlights reel:


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