(AP) – State and local education officials have been begging the federal government for relief from student testing mandates in the federal No Child Left Behind law, but school starts soon and Congress still hasn’t answered the call. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he will announce a new waiver system Monday to give schools a break. The plan to offer waivers to all 50 states, as long as they meet other school reform requirements, comes at the request of President Barack Obama, Duncan said. More details on the waivers will come in September, he said.

The goal of the No Child Left Behind law is to have every student proficient in math and reading by 2014. States have been required to bring more students up to the math and reading standards each year, based on tests that usually take place each spring. The step-by-step ramping up of the 9-year-old law has caused heartburn in states and most school districts, because more and more schools are labeled as failures as too few of their students meet testing goals. LINK

As America reels from the catastrophic economic policies of the Obama administration, another sector of the government is about to go from bad to worse. Our education system is about to be dismantled by Obama’s Sec. of Education Arne Duncan. In a move that shows an incredible lack of vision, the feds are now going to allow failing schools to do exactly that, keep failing.

The “No Child Left Behind” act was drafted in large part by the late LIBERAL Senator Edward Kennedy as an attempt at “COMPROMISE” by then President Bush. It was necessary because of the utter lack of performance and outright failure of our nation’s public schools, and the President wanted to improve things. Imagine that, an evil Republican trying to improve the education of inner city kids. For DECADES those schools, protected by powerful and corrupt teachers unions, pushed out class after class of kids who couldn’t read, write, or add and had little prospects for any kind of future as a result. Yet the liberals fiercely protected the status quo.

No Child Left Behind changed that. It mandated goals and testing, in short benchmarks and standards, things the rest of the grown-up world uses as a tool to gauge performance. The teachers hated it and undermined it at every turn. Now we find out just how much and how far they are willing to go to violate the law. They CHEATED. Dozens of teachers in Atlanta have either been fired or resigned in the wake of overwhelming evidence that they fixed standardized tests. They cheated and many of them LIED to cover up their crimes. Something every parents teaches their child NOT to do is lie, cheat or steal. It is simply depraved and indefensible for teachers to cheat or condone those who do – especially on TESTS! Cheating is something that will get you kicked out of West Point, justifiably so.

It begs the question, why have tests at all? Of course the liberal answer to that is WE SHOULDN’T! From the ideology that winning and losing should be abolished in favor of everyone gets a trophy, comes the philosophy that testing only destroys one’s all important self-esteem. Complete and utter bullshit, but this type of thinking prevails in liberal academia. God only knows what some of these kids would do without that all important self-esteem boost they get from passing a test they really failed.

The scope of the cheating is still unknown but it appears it is not limited to Atlanta. Here in Philadelphia there is mounting evidence that teachers did the same thing. If this is true then Philadelphia School District Super. Arlene Ackerman, who makes an incredibly obscene salary and has performed dismally thus far, should be fired. Her schools are violent, her budget is a disaster, her management is racially motivated, her test scores fraudulent and her achievements worthless.

Like the Obama administration, she condones failure. If this new rule goes through, there will no longer be any reason for teachers to work hard teaching the things necessary for success in our world. They can go back to a time when kids failed and they took refuge of tired excuses, blaming everyone else and accepting little responsibility. Welcome to Obamanation.

Yes we can!



  1. Sally Anne says:

    I think it’s brilliant to reward the students for failure- they’ll be well prepared for careers in the house and senate.

  2. Dustoff says:


    I just heard on the radio. This jerk of a Prez just said that Fire trucks must get better fuel econ???? WTF

    Does he have any idea the weight we carry along with big engines to push along at a fair rate of speed.

    I swear, this fool must of failed all of his college classes.

    • Its unbelievable micro management from the Feds. Now our trucks are GETTING EVEN BIGGER, something we can hardly afford in a city of 10 & 14 foot streets. They are out of control.

      • Dustoff says:

        LOL…. isn’t that the truth. Before I left my dept, we bought a new rescue rig. Dang thing is almost as big as our ladder. “height & width”
        Which won’t fit on a few our streets & alleys (ladder)

        What next, back to piston engines for our helos instead of turbines just to save fuel?

        Nuts I say, nuts!

  3. momhoppes says:

    We have a fire board here and they got mad at the fire department because the new BRUSH TRUCK (thank God for grants) got scratches.

    It is a brush truck! It goes through brush! Are we supposed to leave the thing locked up in the bay and use our rakes only for brush, forest, and grass fires?

    Thankfully here, the only idiocy we deal with when it comes to fire department management comes from the board and not anyone in the gov’t. I don’t know if it’s because we are all volunteers or because we’re backwoods hillbilly folk off the map in the Ozarks. Either way, I am not going to complain.

    As for the original post, I am not surprised. Cursive is no longer taught in schools around here. (My children are going to learn it. Charlie is learning it.) The more idiocy I hear about the public school system and the department of “education” the more thankful I am that we made the decision to homeschool.

    By the way, I put my name in (Kim) and it changes it to momhoppes which is my e-mail address. Weird.

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