With the girl away the Oberfrau has been putting some time in at work lately. That leaves me and the boy to fend for ourselves. So today we decided to go to the DRAG RACES!!! WOOO HOOOO!

The old timers are great. They let Nick sit in a real dragster and as you can tell by the smile he LOVED it.

South Jersey has a hidden gem and that’s Atco Raceway. There aren’t too many places where you can go and watch top rated drag racers mixed with local gear heads close to home. Atco is that kind of place. “Atco” as its known around here has been there for at least 50 years. I couldn’t imagine trying to open a drag strip now-a-days. Between the environmentalist wack-o’s and the lawyers, community groups, the taxes, insurance and every other whiner with an ass-ache and issue it would most likely never get off the ground. So I’d say our area is pretty lucky to have this track so close by.

Hole shots and smokey burnouts. Yeah man!

This weekend is a big one. Today we watched the time trials. We were lucky enough to get to see some of the funny cars and rail dragsters run. They are AWESOME. Your stomach rumbles when they let go. Between the sights, smells and sounds of the track you just can’t help but love this uniquely American style of racing. For the record the fastest times we saw today were around 5.5 seconds @ 260 mph! CRAZY!!! After a couple of hours in the sun we had enough. On the way home we stopped to see my dad who is recovering from double cataract surgery. After 50 plus years no more glasses. He’s a happy camper. Here are a couple of cool shots from today:

Front end way up!

Nothing beats a day at the races.

Neck and neck...



  1. drjim says:

    I remember reading about ATCO when *I* was a kid!

  2. Dustoff says:

    Sweet Capt.

    Check this out. The nuts are now shooting at us. 0-:

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Officials with MedFlight said one of their helicopters has been taken out of service after a bullet hole was discovered in the side of the aircraft on Thursday evening.

    Todd Bailey, MedFlight’s director of business development, said it is believed that the bullet struck the helicopter while it was in flight, and not when it was sitting on the ground, 10TV News reported.

    No crew members or patients were injured.

    According to Bailey, the bullet hole was found on the right side of the helicopter, just below the rear clam shell doors. He also said investigators found what appeared to be a bullet slug lying loose beneath the helicopter’s floor.

  3. Dusty- that remindes me…

  4. Bob G. says:

    Good to see ATCO is still up and running (bet the Drive-In out there isn’t)

    My cousin (Raymond Smith) bought a factory fresh ’68 Plymouth GTX (dark hunter green), drove it off the lot, took it down to Atco and won his ass a 2 ft tall trophy…totally cool!

    Not bad for an M-60 driver later stationed in Germany.
    He was a real rebel back then.

    I miss those cars.

  5. Spock says:

    I’m disappointed… I thought this was going to be an article about how the Firebird faired at Atco.

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