WHEN “NATION’S Bravest,” a calendar honoring the nation’s firefighters, comes out Aug. 18, the late Philly firefighter Jack Slivinski will grace its cover. Firefighters from around the country posed shirtless for the charity beefcake calendar created by photographer Katherine Kostreva. Slivinski, 31, a former Marine, was disciplined in April by removal from elite Fire Rescue 1 by Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers for posing for the calendar without department permission but was reinstated to the unit less than a week later.

Kostreva said the city Law Department later sent her a letter requesting that Slivinski’s uniform be cropped out of any picture she used, which she said would have made him appear naked. The city also offered to try to find another city that would permit one of its firefighters to replace him in the calendar, she said.

Katie Martin, a spokeswoman for the mayor’s office, confirmed yesterday that the letter had been sent to Kostreva but said the city was merely following up on its policy that firefighters not pose for photos without departmental permission. Proceeds from the calendar will go to charity. Slivinski wanted Philly’s share to benefit the widows of fallen firefighters.

Calendars cost $19.95 and can be purchased now at The official debut is Aug. 18 in New York City. Locally, the debut will be held at Kings Oak in the Piazza in Northern Liberties. Tickets are $30 in advance and $40 at the door. LINK

Funny thing is we take pictures with people ALL THE TIME. We are even ENCOURAGED to do so when we attend block parties, and all kinds of community events! It’s called fire prevention or community outreach and THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS PUSHED IT TO THE MAX. Am I supposed to tell a little kid that I CAN’T TAKE A PICTURE WITH HIM BECAUSE I’M IN UNIFORM?

The entire episode is ABSURD! EVERY KID, EVERY TOURIST wants their picture taken with the firemen and the fire truck. Most of us understand that and it happens all the time. Doing so fosters good public relations. In fact, with IPODS and cell phone cameras we can’t stop it.

A few years ago I was detailed to the Puerto Rican Festival / Parade. The event organizers came up to us with MISS PUERTO RICO (who was wearing a bikini). They wanted us all to gather around her and take pictures with her and other assembled dignitaries. We did and everyone had a great time. If there was a policy against this sort of thing, no one informed us.

Real classy, Philly. RIP JACK.


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  1. Old NFO says:

    They are pissed because THEY are not getting the $$, it’s going to charity…

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