Ok we’re in the middle of a long hot Philly summer. Some days you start to run out of things to do. So after the boy and I went to see Captain America last weekend (awesome by the way!) he’s been on me to get him a shield. My first instinct is to say no, it’s a giant waste of money. After five minutes I’m on eBay trying to find out how much a shield would cost me (someone has to be making them right?) Well my first instinct was right. Sixty bucks! Forget it.

So after a while the boy reminds me of the scene in the movie where the kids were playing with Captain America shields they made themselves. Bingo! “Come on dad we can make our own” he tells me.  SO I agree. We trudge off to the Home Depot in search of a trash can lid. No dice. I have to buy the whole can. Swell. I do manage to find the right kind, metal, right size and all. We grab some spray paint while we’re at it.

Back home the fun (work) begins: Here is a step by step guide to making your very own Captain America shield from scratch:

First- get the right lid and move the handle to the inside. It should just bend away. I used a nail punch to unroll the metal and then a hammer to put it back in place. Hard part done.

I primed and painted the entire lid white. Then using a cardboard star I cut out, mask off the rest of the lid and apply the blue paint. When you remove the cardboard the white star is left behind (careful of the over-spray).

Next mask off the white stripes so you can apply the red. I used a paper plate to cover the star and blue before spraying. The paper plate worked perfectly because of its curved shape.

The boy doing his best to advise and consult…

Applying the red paint. Note the paper plate.

The finished product. Ready to take on Red Skull and his allies.

The future of liberty and the free world is up to these guys. Think they can handle it? No worries!



  1. Bob G. says:

    ROFLMAO…now THAT takes me way back to the 1960s when we used a garbage can lid to do the same thing…!
    (The Iron Man helmet in tin foil was a bit harder)

    Now, if you can just rig it to RETURN to the person tossing it…you’re all set!
    (oh…and it HAS to be bullet-PROOF…not “resistant”)

    Carry on.
    Roll safe out there, Avenger!

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Kyle looks rather bloodthirsty, dontcha think?

  3. Sally Anne says:

    Awesome!!!! I’m trying to figure out how I can get Sgt. Bones to take me to see the movie, maybe if I promise him his own shield he will be more motivated.

    • C/A says:

      Sally- I’m sure you know how to get the good Sgt. do do your bidding…

      Wyatt- yeah he does, keep an eye on that one.

      Bob- bullet stickers for effect!

  4. "He Said His Telephone Number Was 911" says:

    Great job Dad, something about Firemen and spray paint. Lucky for you he’s too young to remember ‘The Rocketeer’.

  5. Melanie says:

    I just got 4 lids for my 4 boys, you can buy just the lids online from Ace Hardware. Thanks for the info.

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  7. shawna says:

    I got my lid free at farm and fleet! i am struggling with how to get the lid inside out. How did you get the rim turned inside out?

  8. shawna says:

    oops, nevermind! i reread you directions.

  9. shawna says:

    Okay, I am making this right now and have a few questions. Did you have any trouble with the paint coming off the can? Did you use sandpaper to rough it up first? Also, how long did you wait in between doing the different colors? By the way, my husband thinks I am crazy for making this!

  10. shawna says:

    It’s done! Certainly not perfect but good enough for my son! Thanks for a great idea!

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