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New Haven has agreed to pay $2 million plus enhanced pension benefits to the white firefighters who provoked a re-examination of affirmative action in 2009 when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld their reverse discrimination lawsuit against the city. The 20 firefighters, one of whom is Hispanic, sued in 2004 after the city refused to honor the results of a civil service examination in which only white candidates scored high enough for promotion to captain and lieutenant. By scrapping the test, the city denied promotion to more than half of the 20 men.

In its 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court criticized New Haven for using “raw, racial statistics” to invalidate a promotional examination, but stopped short of ordering broad changes to race-and-hiring laws sought by the firefighters and their supporters around the country. New Haven reinstated the examination results and promoted 14 of the 20 firefighters within months of the decision. On Thursday, the city said that it had resolved the only issues remaining in the case — the size of damage awards to the firefighters and the cost of their lawsuit. LINK

In a hard-fought win against racial policies and politics and outright discrimination, New Haven firefighters who were victimized by their city government and politically correct but racially discriminatory promotional policies have finally received their settlement. And it is a settlement that should send a loud and clear message across the country that municipalities that discriminate against WHITE employees are just as likely to have to pay big out bucks (taxpayer dollars) just like when they discriminate against minorities.

The face of discrimination has changed in many cities since the 1960’s. Philadelphia for example is now a MAJORITY African-American city. The Mayor, the Police Commissioner, Fire Commissioner, their command staffs as well as the heads of many city departments and agencies are headed and staffed by African-Americans. African-Americans are well represented throughout the entire city government, the School District, SEPTA you name it. It is a stunning story of a massive demographic shift in one of America’s largest cities.

Unfortunately the ugly head of discrimination hasn’t disappeared, it has just switched sides. Now whites are finding themselves on the receiving end of outrageous examples of blatant racial discrimination. My department is no exception having had to pay to settle a similar lawsuit recently. I often wonder when all this B.S. will end. But I understand, after living in a bog city governed by one party for my entire life that it won’t. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.



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    As I’ve told Wyatt more than once, y’all need to get the hell out while you can… before your home prices sink to the point that you can’t sell em…

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