It took a couple of days before I decided to comment on the Norway madness. This tragic attack comes at a time when I am currently smack in the middle of a terrorism class. So as you can imagine this crime has thrown the class into overdrive. It is interesting to watch the developments from a scholastic point of view. It is also kind of strange because last semester I was in the middle of a disaster planning course and there were a bunch of massive disasters (floods, massive earth quakes etc.) going on then. There is so much going on in real-time you don’t have to worry about the abstract with events like this.

It is difficult to get inside the mind of someone who does something like this. But that is exactly what our class is all about. There is no doubt this guy is a terrorist. He decided on his course of action well in advance, picked defenseless targets in order to make a broader political statement and wishes to continue to do so. His cause is one that is not unknown in Europe and indeed here in America. Unchecked immigration is threatening established cultures. While here in America it is Mexican illegals, in Europe it is predominantly Islamic immigration that is causing enormous tension. This guy Brevik is only the symptom of a much larger problem. I suspect there is a lot more sympathy for his position (not his actions) among the European general public than anyone cares to admit.

While we Americans consider ourselves a “melting pot” Europeans don’t. They consider themselves Italians, Germans, French, Greeks, English or whatever. Ask someone from Europe what nationality they are and they won’t say “European” first. In the recent past we Americans have experienced a break down in our melting pot that sooner or later, if left unchecked I’m afraid may create more Breiviks. While we are a melting pot society, that has always been dependent on ASSIMILATION. With the advent of the lefts doctrine of “multiculturalism” assimilation has become a dirty word. We have watched new immigrant arrivals segregate themselves from the rest of our society. The same thing has happened in Europe where entire countries are ethnically homogenous. In a country as small as Norway (about 5 million people) an unchecked flood of immigrants from other countries, especially people who look, talk, act, dress differently, have different social and religious customs can cause real problems. The demographics can change real fast and that causes resentment. Resentment causes anger and anger causes… Breiviks.

There has been a pushback in Europe recently as a result of these liberal policies. For example – Switzerland has put restrictions on Mosque construction as they don’t want the look of their country altered to reflect an Islamic country. France has banned Muslim headscarves in public. These and other measures are symptoms of a larger problem with Muslim immigration in Europe and in general. Muslims don’t assimilate well when arriving in new lands due to their religious beliefs. In fact Islam in general is incompatible with western style democracy. In England Muslim influence has grown to the point that the Muslims community is demanding and in some instances getting Sharia law put in place. That’s dangerous.

Immigration without assimilation is pretty clearly cultural suicide as Mr. Brevik put it. But murdering innocent people is no way to bring about change. Political violence is the quickest way to lose widespread support (in most cases) for an otherwise sympathetic cause. Ironically the left is often the champion of “the rights of indigenous peoples”. Yet when it comes to the rights of the indigenous people of Norway it isn’t so. Any guesses why? Also the Norwegian criminal justice system is enough to make a liberals head explode. It seems at this point Mr. Brevik can only get 21 years for this crime (possibly longer) but possibly shorter. He is being held incommunicado for four weeks. He wants a show trial and so far the judge is refusing. Funny but if this was America, Eric Holder would be building a stage in Lower Manhattan for the guy. (except he’s not a Muslim so maybe not).

There are so many issues to be explored in this case it is impossible to wrap your head around it. The Norwegian cops are also going to be ripped apart when the press catches up with them for their piss poor performance. Norway is another one of those liberal fantasy lands where nothing bad ever happens so the cops don’t carry guns. It took them 70-80-90? minutes to get to the scene. Apparently they didn’t have a boat. Appalling.

Vikings without a boat. What would Leif Erickson say about that?



  1. Randal Graves says:

    It’s amazing how every one of your posts ends up flushing down into the toilet of “liberals are the devil.” Good job.

    • Not really. Liberals should just stand up and accept the blame (they sure accept credit whenever there is any) for their policies.
      Liberalism / liberal social and fiscal policies have been in full effect in our major American cities for over 50 years now. In most cases it has gone unchecked (Philly, Camden, Newark, Detroit, Chicago) because they are one party towns. The results speak for themselves. Disaster.
      Now Obama has attempted to take those same failed policies national with PREDICTABLE RESULTS.
      As someone who has fled those policies I really don’t understand your beef (except you are just contrarian by nature). If you want to DEFEND multiculturalism, illegal immigration, out of control spending, racial politics or ANY OTHER liberal policy, FEEL FREE.
      I have NEVER censored you and in fact enjoy your attempts since you at least try to put a good spin on things.
      I don’t agree with liberal thinking and yeah my writing reflects it.
      By the way Liberals aren’t the Devil, misguided maybe but not evil or the Devil.
      THIS NUT is the evil. Lets keep things in perspective.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Actually, the real issue is the fact that Norwegian police officers aren’t issued guns, and had to get permission to get them from the lockers. Thus, the 90-minute delay. Imagine how many lives would have been saved if the police officer ON THE ISLAND was armed.

    • That was another reason given. Some guy across the channel heard the shooting and USED HIS OWN BOAT to rescue dozens of kids. What is this Dunkerque?
      Typical liberal feel good policy. If the Police don’t have guns then the criminals won’t have any reason to have guns. Therefore no one will ever die. Hooray!
      Stupid is as stupid does.

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