Well the boy made it out alive. Here he is as I picked him up at 0700 sharp. None the worse for wear.  Hot, tired, sweaty, hungry…sure. All he needed was a mom-cooked breakfast (he got it) a shower and a nap and he was right as rain. He and his scout buddies made it through two over-nights in the hot and steamy outback of a local wildlife park. By all accounts they had a good time. They completed the requirements for their wilderness survival merit badge, (the boy’s first). He’s pretty proud if not a little bit whooped.

One task they had to complete was to build simple shelters to sleep in. As you can see it’s pretty basic. He slept two nights here and didn’t complain one bit. Pretty amazing since kids today have every modern convenience. Aside from this the boys completed every task they were assigned. Good stuff for eleven and twelve-year olds.

Camp survivor crew with Scoutmaster Vince! Wilderness survival experts. Can we have some pancakes???


4 Responses to SURVIVOR PHILLY!

  1. Dustoff says:

    Great to hear Capt. Tell your son I’m proud of him.
    Working on Eagle I hope.

    PS…… Old Boy scout here. (-:

  2. URSIS says:

    Yey for you! Great job!!!1

  3. McMedic says:

    Brings back memories of my own and my boys days now 16. Congratulating to your boys 1st merit badge !!!!!!

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