Here’s the boy packed and ready for wilderness survival camp. The scout troop put together a survival camp this week. Its two days and two nights spent roughing it. The idea is for the boys to hike to their campsite (located about a mile inside in a local wildlife park) and set up camp. They have to remain there using only the things they were able to carry in their backpacks. They set up their camp then completed a list of tasks like starting a fire, setting up a rain water collection system, building their own shelters and preparing their own food. It’s blistering hot this week so the exception was that we brought a couple of extra cases water for them. Other than that they had to learn the skills needed to survive on their own.

I got a picture message from the scout master and sure enough the boy caught a fish. Hoo Rah! During the course they will have completed the requirements for their wilderness survival merit badge. It’s a biggie and the boys are pretty excited. They worked hard and earned it. It’s Nicks first merit badge so I know he will be proud as hell. Good work to all the  boys!

7 Responses to THE NEW BEAR GRYLLS

  1. Bob Orr says:

    Very cool, Cap’n. Congrats to your lad.

  2. Ingineer66 says:

    Fun stuff that he will remember forever. I did one of those use only what you carry in camping trips in the scouts. The only drawback was that less than a half a mile away was another scout troop that had a pickup and trailer full of supplies.

  3. Dustoff says:

    By the way Capt. Front yard grass is looking a little long. (-:

    As I run away fast.

    • It’s new and we don’t want to kill it or have it burn up in the heat wave. Landscaper said we should be careful with it for a season so it takes root well. Also I’m too tired and or lazy… BUT hey your welocme to drop by and push a mower!!! 😉

      • Dustoff says:

        OK, but NO push mower. I’m not that crazy.

        What in the hell am I say. I flying around in something that beats the air to submission, hoping it will continue to fly. 0-;

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