Since my computer is constantly giving me headaches I have been behind in the blog posts. Way behind. But here is a chance to catch up a bit. It’s hard to believe but the girl has been away for almost two weeks already. She is spending about seven weeks this summer in Switzerland and Germany with the in-laws and grandparents. How cool is that? Way cool.

I am living up to a promise I made to her a couple of years ago. I promised her that if she worked hard and learned to speak German I would let her take a vacation to Europe when she got old enough. It wasn’t an easy sell. For a young kid the promise of a chance at a vacation of a lifetime on the back-end could easily be passed up for a tub of water ice up front. Just like indians and a chest full of beads. Add to that German school was for a couple of hours, every Saturday morning for the past six or seven years. When the other kids were lounging or off playing sports on Saturdays, our kids were spending extra time in school. Trust me when I say it was the source of more than one fairly bitter battle.

But after every battle we calmly reaffirmed the value of the education they were getting. Peach perseveared. She is nearly fluent in German now. This time spent away will allow her to be fully immersed in the language and its an enormous benefit.The Oberfrau and I both come from diverse academic backgrounds. We believe there is as much to learn outside a classroom as there is inside. To that end we guide the kids hopefully in the right direction when it comes to their education trying our best to see that they are well-rounded and prepared for anything that life can throw at them. The boy still has some work to do (he’s about two years behind her) but he will get his chance as well.

So this year at 13 & 1/2 Peach boarded her flight at Philly International Airport. (The airlines have a program for unescorted minors). I was there as she gave a smile and a nervous wave and disappeared down the jetway with a flight attendant. She will NEVER know what the definition of nervous is, at least not for a few more years anyway. I had to go directly to night work and as luck would have it was the day Obama landed (you guessed it) in Philly!

Her flight takeoff was delayed while the Presidential entourage made its way through the kingdom. You can’t make this stuff up. As a result the highways out of the airport were closed. The same highway (I-95) I needed to get to work. One cool thing was I got to watch Air Force One make its approach and landing while I waited. That’s a beautiful plane.

Anyway all is well and a first weeks bout of homesickness has been overcome. Her days are packed, she is having a great time with her cousins and we have discovered Skype. Very cool. I know she’ll see this so have a great time pook. See you on the net.

Love Dadd-o!


8 Responses to DREAM VACATION – YOU BET!

  1. Bob G. says:

    Your daughter is VERY lucky (and I hope SHE realizes it)…all that’s missing is Julie Andrews coming over the next hill singing…!
    (and your girl’s gonna be a “heart-breaker”…hope you’re prepping for that…lol)

    If you miss her NOW, wait until you’re “empty-nesting”
    (I hear it’s nice…at first)


    Post some scenic pics,
    Love to see SNOW when it’s in the 90s here in the “Heartland”!

    Roll safe out there.

  2. Ingineer66 says:

    That is wonderful that she is able to do this.

    As an empty nester, it is nice. And it is nice to have kids visit as long as they leave again after a few days. When my son (youngest child) was in boot-camp and none of the other kids visited for a couple of months, I was in withdrawals. But then we had several visit in a short time and the son came home on boot leave, so all was good.

  3. Dustoff says:

    Capt have you seen this…… nuts.

    Both D.C. firefighters and police officers are upset over a new program that forces the fire department to help fight crime.

    For the past three weeks, D.C. Fire and EMS personnel have been parking their trucks at high crime neighborhoods.

  4. Peach says:

    Thanks Daddy ❤
    P.S. German school was for 8 years 😛

  5. Old NFO says:

    Good for Peach AND for y’all, now she needs to send some pics back for us to enjoy! 🙂

  6. Sally Anne says:

    Awesome. Congratulations on raising a mature and motivated young lady! I’ve sent Crash unaccompanied a few times (just to Toronto) and it still makes me nervous. She’s quite close in age to Peach, and has a lot of travel under her belt. I’m jealous that she got to Southeast Asia without me, actually. I only saw SouthWEST… and yeah. Kinda crummy. Though travel anywhere is a great chance to learn, fun or not. ^_^

  7. URSIS says:

    Have fun Peach! Kids at this age who study about where they are going, then getting to actually go there and see what they were learning about is a great experience.

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