Worse than talking with "Peggy".

As many of you may have noticed First In has been suffering lately. There are a couple of reasons for that. Number one is that there aren’t enough hours in the day anymore to do everything on my list. Someone needs to get a law passed extending the average day by at least ten hours. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a shot at a regular existence then, but I’m not counting on it.

Secondly work has been pretty slow with the exception of the fire we had last Saturday morning (0430). It was a pretty intense job and the fellas made a real nice stop on a fire that could have been a whole lot worse. No one was injured and that’s what is most important.

But the real issue is my internet service was destroyed about three weeks ago and I have been guerrilla posting with help from Wyatt until my service was restored this past weekend. It all started when I called my ISP (Speakeasy) and inquired about upgrading my speed. With the kids using the MAC and the I-Pod and my usage increasing the home network was getting unbearably slow. So I thought I would spring for some additional speed. I have never had a problem with Speakeasy prior to this one phone call. What could possibly go wrong? In a nutshell – EVERYTHING…

The short version: my ISP was bought out by Mega-Path or some such company. My request for an upgrade was passed on as a request to start a new account. They dispatched a Verizon tech to my house who promptly screwed up my service. After DAYS on the phone with tech support who tried everything but delivered nothing, after a couple of visits by techs who had no idea what was going on, after meetings that were set up for three parties where only one party showed up, both my internet and my phone service was out, I finally had enough and FIRED my old ISP.

I contacted Verizon who compete with Comcast around here (I hate Comcast but that’s another story) so I could get back online. Everything was going fine until I asked to keep my old phone number. The guy who was signing me up had no idea what he was doing and screwed up the order from that point on (unbeknownst to me). I had an installation appointment scheduled for a week later. The day before I get a call and the long and the short of it was I had to wait FIVE MORE DAYS so my phone number could be ported over. No one said anything about that prior. I was given instructions that turned out to be completely wrong. So I was livid but in a bind. I talked with an endless parade of clueless drones at Verizon who had no idea what they were saying or what to do. Literally every time I got a new person on the line I got a different story. At one point I was transferred at least five or six times in ONE CALL. It was unbelievable. At one point I was using my neighbor (Fireboat John’s) phone because mine was still out. I was almost screaming at the idiots (this after nearly another hour of my life wasted) who were clueless as to what they needed to do to restore my service. He said if he didn’t hear the call with his own ears he would never believe it. I seriously thought at one point I was being punked.

So after waiting for days and days, after a half-dozen visits from Verizon techs to my house, all asking the same question “Why am I here today?” after dozens of phone calls, after running up my cell phone minutes into unknown heights, after threatening Verizon with dropping them on the spot if they didn’t fix the problem that day and going to the hated Comcast, I can finally say that my service is back on.

At one point after CONFIRMING an installation appointment and getting nothing I called Verizon back only to find out someone CANCELLED my account. It was an insane journey through modern, corporate-American business practices. I literally shudder to think a major corporation operates in this fashion. I am seriously thinking of writing a script around this episode for an animated cartoon. It would blow away the Pentagon Wars for sheer bureaucratic insanity. Hopefully I’ll get back to regular posting again. I have a few ideas brewing so things may be getting more interesting around here. Thanks for your patience and sticking with First In.

Captain America



  1. Bob G. says:

    KInda makes ‘ya wish for the GOOD OLD DAYS of CLASSIC PRODIGY…!
    (at least THAT worked, and damn well, if slower than molasses in January)

    They’re herding us into ONE, BIG, HONKING INTERNET where EVERYTHING gets routed…and then the government can CONTROL that and shut it down, or dole out what “they” want US to have…and how often.

    God, how I miss ANALOG TV…and car engines you could really WORK on.
    But, I’m sure you feel likewise, buddy.

    I always say the ONE flaw with ANY technology is always attributable to some HUMAN (somewhere).


    Roll safe out there.

  2. I feel your pain. When my phone and internet went out, it was hell on earth dealing with the customer service reps who were not only rude but vague about when the repairman was coming over. After two days of being held prisoner inside of my home, he finally showed. It took all of five minutes to fix. I despise Verizon.

  3. GroovyVic says:

    Did they at least speak English???

  4. Old NFO says:

    Wont’ use em, hate em with a passion… Yours is just one story among many CA, sad to say…

  5. AM says:

    Experienced my own Verizon hell when I moved this time last summer. Took hours every day for two weeks to get phone and internet installed correctly. For six months my bills were a saga
    of their own. Alas, the farce continues….

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