“Some of you may have seen little Olivia Golembiewski on 6abc news. She is a 12 year old wheel chair bound little girl. Someone stole her chair and it’s $9,000 to replace it!!! We the members of Philadelphia Firefighters Union Local 22 are asking all our friends to PLEASE help us raise money for this little girl. We would like to buy her a new chair and build her a ramp so her family does not need to leave the chair outside while moving her into the house. I know times are tough, so please only give what you can. To donate call/text Eddie Mulholland 215-6567, Joe Gardner 215-870-4435 or Fran Cheney 215-698-2263 and we will make arrangements to pick it up. Donations can be dropped off at the firehouse located at Kensington and Castor Avenues, any time! There is an account set up at the PFFCU (Police and Fire Credit Union) Olivia’s Wheelchair Fund:  the account is #81597101 for anyone who wishes to donate online. Thank you for your support”.

This cause is special to me. You see, these firefighters are from my station and have decided on their own to make it a point to help this little girl. Some (@!$$#&^%$%*())(*&^$#@#$^&) stole her chair from in front of her house. Her parents are typical Philadelphians – hard working, but make slightly too much money to get help they really need, but not enough to afford a blow like the theft of an expensive wheelchair, and too proud to ask for help in any event. In short, the kind of people who deserve the help of the community. They are taking care of little Olivia and doing their very best, but as usual some animal acts to make life that much harder on them. Because of the configuration of the house, the chair often gets left outside while Olivia’s father carries her into the house. To avoid this in the future the fellas are also going to build a ramp for the family.

The guys in my station decided on their own to do whatever has to be done to help Olivia and her family out in their time of need. Already they have been able to come up with a wheelchair to hold them over until the money can be raised to get her a new one. Because of Olivia’s illness, her chair has to be specially made, molded for her body. I cannot tell you how proud I am of these guys. The old cliche’ about firefighters being the pillar of the community  and working on charity all the time is more real than you may believe. I am blessed everyday that I walk into my firehouse and get to work with the very best people on the planet. Guys that will do whatever it takes to help a crippled little girl and her family in their time of need without asking for so much as an atta-boy. There are no words to truly describe the privilege of working with people of this caliber. If you can send a donation large or small it would go a long way to help. Thanks to all those who have already responded.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    I’m donating. Friggin assholes… sigh…

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