Mental note: This is what happens when teachers and unions refuse to compromise on issues such as medical benefits and pensions. The cuts have to come from somewhere, people!

Most of the roughly 1,500 who received layoff notices earlier this month will lose their jobs next week. However, nearly 350 teachers entangled in a legal dispute between the School District and teachers union will remain on the payroll until their status is sorted out through the arbitration process.

The arbitrator will determine which teachers still have to be laid off. 174 instructors at overhauled schools known as Promise Academies were targeted. But the school district declared them exempt and pink slipped 174 other non-Promise Academy teachers instead. (LINK)

1,500 teachers laid off – with the union’s blessing. Wow, they’re really there for you, aren’t they, teachers? And yet Uber-corrupt School Superintendent Arlene Ackerman (pictured, above) doesn’t even take a pay cut. How’s voting straight Democrat working out for ya?


One Response to PHILLY LAYS OFF 1,500 TEACHERS

  1. Bob Orr says:

    Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it? A lot of these unions any more are more interested in protecting what their old heads have than in keeping as many members working as possible. Seems a little counter-intuitive to the long-term survival of the union.

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