Rikers island is implementing a new uniform for scantily-clad female visitors. JWoww hardest hit.

Women who visit prisoners on Rikers Island are being ordered to cover up if they arrive in low-cut tops or miniskirts. Anyone deemed unsuitably dressed will be issued with a deliberately unflattering neon green T-shirt – which only comes in XXL.

The measures were introduced after some of the inmates at the New York facility were caught trying to have sex with their partners during visitor hours. Officials hope the baggy smocks will keep sex-starved prisoners calm, but critics say the shirts – which cost $5,000 for 800 – are a waste of public money.

A jail supervisor told the New York Daily News he had caught several inmates attempting to have sex with their girlfriends in communal visitor areas, which are usually full of children. He said: ‘It was really gross. It was really getting out of control.’ (LINK)

Ya hear that, ladies? Smock up: It’s for the children.


2 Responses to A SMOCK TO THE SYSTEM

  1. Bob G. says:

    Hey, sounds like a REAL plan to me…

    Roll safe.

  2. Howie says:

    Chasity Belts would be cheaper. But, just turning the females away or revoking their visitation status would just be too easy.

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