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Sometimes reality sneaks up on you and cracks you over the head with a sledgehammer. That’s exactly what happened to blabber-cow Joy Behar during this interview with Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed. Here’s the set-up: Gene is a rock and roll legend and apparently a notorious womanizer. Shannon has been with him for 28 long years and has finally had enough. They were on this no ratings yap-fest to promote the upcoming season of their reality series. During their reality show their relationship has taken a turn for the worse and it now seems Shannon is on the verge of leaving Gene.

That being said Joy decides to talk up the obviously uncomfortable subject to the point that Gene cracks a joke to lighten the horrible mood. Instead he sends Shannon heading for the exit. If this isn’t real then Shannon Tweed’s acting skills have been missed for a long time. She clearly looks and acts pissed.  BUT IT GETS BETTER. In an unbelievable scene from the theater of the absurd BEHAR starts antagonizing Gene for his philandering ways. THIS FROM A WOMAN WHO CARRIED BILL CLINTON’S WATER and tried to run interference for Anthony “Creeper” Weiner, Elliot Spitzer and every other philandering democrat. She has a long history of excusing that exact behavior as long as its from democrat politicians.

I guess this is the first time she has had to come face to face with the situation and the pain it causes. Funny how what passes for common knowledge for everyone else is a surprise to liberals like Behar.            



  1. Cap: You’ll love this. Remember Rep Christopher Lee the Republican congressman from who sent a shirtless photo of himself through Craigslist in February. WHO RESIGNED HIS SEAT ONE HOUR AFTER IT GOT OUT. Well, Joy Behar had this to say about him on her February 14 show:

    BEHAR: Happy Valentine`s everyone. And what says Valentine`s Day more than former New York Congressman Chris Lee. Remember him? He resigned late last week after trolling for women on Craigslist, and even sent this lovely piece of beefcake to one of them. The politician claimed he was 39 and single. Not. He`s 46 and very married.

    Lee is reportedly spending some time at a Florida resort with his wife, trying to patch things up. So can their marriage be saved? You know what? And why can`t he buy a hooker like most normal politicians?

    Here, Joy please have a drink from the cup of hypocrisy…

  2. Bob G. says:

    It would appear that Joy’s KARMA ran clean over her DOGMA…LOL.


    Roll safe.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Agree with Bob G, and the only thing better would have been for Tweed to have bitch slapped Behar into next week 🙂

  4. John D says:

    Joy Behar is a complete moron. As opposed to the partial morons that most of us run into on a daily basis.

  5. Crusty says:

    Hypocrite?????????????. Staunch supporter of same sex marriage. When she constantly boasts that she is not married but has lived with a guy for 27 years (who cares). Like they say her opinions are like the assdhole she is

  6. Sea says:

    Joy is a true patriot! She calls them as she sees them. You want to talk about hypocrites then let’s talk Newt and his lies and deceit! Having an on going affair while his wife lies in the hospital fighting cancer, then old’ Newt strolls in and asks her for a divorce……..all during the time that he and the other right wing goons were going after Clinton. The whole damn GOP is full of this kind of crap. So if Joy wants to give it to Simmons, let her. It wasn’t like he hadn’t put it out there on his very own show!! Joy isn’t bought and paid for like the hypocritical mouth pieces on the right. Get real.

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