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12-alarm fire hits Camden

Firefighters from throughout South Jersey are battling a 12-alarm blaze in the area of Orchard Street and Mount Ephraim Avenue in Camden’s Parkside neighborhood. Just after 8 p.m., as storms rolled into the area, fire officials said the blaze had been contained. Three firefighters have been hospitalized for heat exhaustion, officials said.

Dark smoke can be seen for miles and flames continue to spread to vacant homes in the area. The fire has engulfed vacant buildings formerly used by the Reliable Tire Co. and the Board of Education. The structures straddle Orchard Street. In addition to the day’s excessive heat, challenges the firefighters are facing include not enough engine companies, which provide water, said Al Ashley, president of the union that represents superior officers in the Camden Fire Department.

“A lot of hydrants are on the same grid so now we’re [also] dealing with water pressure,” he said, holding a walk-talkie on Sycamore Street, where firefighters were pulling boards from closed-up vacant homes in case the fire spread further. LINK

Well now we see the manifest stupidity of yet another democrat regime running yet another city into the ground. After Camden decimated its fire department with lay offs the city now burns unchecked. Today’s heat registered about 100 degrees. Fighting a fire in this heat is absolutely brutal. It requires fresh troops regularly. Firefighters must be rotated and re-hydrated and even under the best conditions you are operating on the brink of delirium after about a half an hour in this heat. Camden has about three alarms worth of resources left in their once effective and still proud department. Now they are an empty shell. Look out for more firestorms like this in American cities in the not too distant future. Horrifying. Not to worry though… these guys probably will have to work again tomorrow after taking this ass beating.

There is no more empty and demoralizing feeling for a firefighter than NOT being able to do his job because of idiot politicians. Whats worse is that surrounding communities are forced to help bail out Camden’s mismanagement by sending mutual aid companies thus depleting THEIR scarce resources and leaving their communities unprotected when they are most needed. It’s criminal negligence.

What we are seeing is social worker / liberal types running our government like some kind of meals on wheels operation. They clearly have no concept of what it takes to run emergency services and it is apparent with incidents like this. But hey all you have to do is look at the White House and you can see these same insanely destructive policies being taken national by the Community Organizer in Chief. It’s alllll goooood….


4 Responses to CAMDEN FIRE CHAOS

  1. Captain: Would you mind if I linked this post in my blog, The Liberal Lie (In Color)?

  2. Old NFO says:

    And the sad point is the PEOPLE are the ones that suffer…

  3. Bob G. says:

    We had a tire fire in Ft. Wayne WAY back in 1997..damn thing burned for DAYS, and that thick, black, petroleum-based smoke could be seen clear across town.
    I guess Camden “thought” they could keep rolling the dice when it came to public safety….
    They thought WRONG.
    And yes, OldNFO…PEOPLE are always the ones left holding the crap end of the stick.

    Good coverage.
    Roll safe out there.

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