While we all enjoy the holiday weekend let’s take a second to remember all the Veterans who have fought and died so we can have this thing called freedom. Take a second and put your American flag up. Display it proudly. If you see a service member in your travels, take a second and thank them. Chances are they won’t be spending the long weekend home with their family. It never ceases to amaze me the reaction I get when I thank a service person for what they do. I usually get an “aw shucks” look. They don’t expect it especially from a relatively “young” person. Likewise when I see an older war vet wearing their service baseball cap. I go out of my way to thank them. I usually get a smile and it is a powerful feeling. The kids are usually amazed at the reaction. Try it the next time your out and about.

I’m working through this weekend. Work has been slow as the seasons transition. Soon we will be into the dog days of summer. I realize the blog has been suffering lately. Frankly between work, family obligations and school I don’t have a lot of free time. I’ll keep plugging away as I can and hope you guys keep checking in. In any event enjoy the holiday.


3 Responses to MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 2011

  1. Bob G. says:

    S’ok with the blog…we’ll still be here when you get a chance to post…we’re not going away THAT easily…lol.

    ANd those small thanks to vets and troopers go a very long way…make no mistake about that.

    Have yourselves a very good Memorial day.

    Roll safe out there.

  2. Dustoff says:

    Thanks Cap.

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