A Toronto couple raising their 4-month-old without identifying the child as a boy or a girl have created a media firestorm in Canada, where some have likened the scenario to a “bizarre lab experiment” that seeks to undo thousands of years of social evolution.

Kathy Witterick, 38, and David Stocker, 39, are raising their third child, Storm, to be free of societal norms regarding gender. Is Storm male or female? The parents won’t say, so no one knows except Storm’s older brothers, Jazz and Kio, as well as a close family friend and two midwives who helped deliver the baby, according to the Toronto Star. LINK

Are you kidding me? It took about five seconds to figure out that one of these “parents” was a teacher. Anyone who does something like this to a child is sick. What monstrous egos these parents must have. Instead of doing what is normal and correct for their child, they decide to do experiment on him/her. This is something everyone knows is screwed up, including the parents. Yet to satisfy their own narcissistic, self-centered beliefs they are going to mess with this childs development. After raising the other two boys they decide to single this one out for some social test? No this kid couldn’t POSSIBLY have issues down the road.

I could be wrong, but something tells me this wasn’t dad’s idea… “Hey honey, lets raise our third son like a genderless freak”…

How do I know this is wrong? Because I went to kindergarten! These wack-o parents may think they are going to keep their childs gender experiment a secret, but all they are doing is setting the kid up for serious trauma in the not too far off future. How long do they think it will be before other kids start asking questions? When the kid goes to school there will have to be bathroom choices on day one! There goes the mystery out of that experiment unless they intend to further isolate or traumatize the kid by coming up with some weird arrangement.

Face it, kids are blunt often to the point of cruelty. Without reservation they ask the questions that cross their minds like whats with the weird bathroom ritual or strange clothes? For many of us the school years were a struggle. The last thing we need is our parents screwing things up and making it even HARDER on us. Many kids just want to go quietly through their days without standing out. Social stigma or isolation in grade school can lead to ENORMOUS problems for any child. 

Being a pioneering, social engineer with a young childs life is irresponsible, disturbing and wrong. Hopefully this “experiment” doesn’t last long enough to do any permanent damage. I really can’t stand people who pull these stunts.

You really have to read the rest of the story to get the full impact of this lunacy.



  1. Such Narcissistic – Liberal parents. This child looks like a boy to me and I think the Mom wanted a girl so bad hence the experimentation with gender (she is hoping that Storm becomes a transgendered female)..

    All three children need to be taken away from these sick parents. They are warping these children’s sense of self which is apalling. We as taxpayers (they are American’s living in Toronto) will pick up the psycological tab of this experiment.

    I was sceptical but now I do believe that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. John D says:

    This story made me want to punch a hole in my computer monitor. With my forehead.

    “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”
    -George Orwell

  3. Squid says:

    If this non-sense isn’t stopped this kid will grow up to be a serial killer or rapist. Take the kids away and give them to loving parents who are unable to have children. After the struggle my wife and I have had in becoming pregnant with the desire to raise children in a normal household, this is a slap in the face to parents everywhere!

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  5. Mike47 says:

    Too many people treat their children as possessions or extensions of their own egos. They are unique individuals on loan to parents until they can support themselves. These parents get a big “F” for failing basic responsibility.

  6. Old NFO says:

    Lunacy is right! I agree with Ferrell also!

  7. Notice the PARENTS didn’t adopt androgenous personas. They are clearly living their lives in total conformity with the societal norms they are supposedly “shielding” their child from. Pretty sick and pathetic.

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