Were The Men Of Seal Team 6 Taught Not To ‘Bully Back’?– The Left’s Attack On Manhood

Barack Obama is a president at odds with himself. On the one hand, he and his aides are carefully cultivating his new image as the gritty and decisive Commander-in-Chief, making the call to take out Osama bin Laden for the safety of untold Americans. On the other hand, his health care, stimulus, and other social spending sprees have made him the most intrusive Nanny-in-Chief since LBJ, though he is giving the author of the Great Society a run for his money. The incongruity is all the more telling when we cut through the rhetoric and bogus philosophy of the progressive state and actually figure out what the Left’s agenda is. It is quite simply a campaign to eliminate manhood. LINK

This article is simply awesome. If you take a good look at society today you can see this happening all around us. Simply put – it is no longer fashionable to be a MAN. Manhood is slowly being squeezed from our society. Boys are being taught that being a boy, growing into a powerful, successful, well-rounded and adjusted individual, a MAN is wrong. They are openly discouraged from dominating their environment be it the athletic field, the workplace, the bedroom, the classroom or the board room. Any man who violates these norms is looked upon as a Neandertal, and abuser, a homophobe, insensitive, racist and singled out for “re-education”.

This isn’t something that is played out in a direct lesson plan. Rather it is being implemented by how our society is structuring the education and social norms that influence boys as they develop. You can hardly escape the systemic oppression even as adults. Anyone else been subjected to “sensitivity training” at work? We have. Mass re-education that dictates “sensitivity” to cultural abnormalities or acceptance of less equal or unqualified performance is now mandatory. We are told that male achievement isn’t the standard anymore. Lower standards are “just as good”. Performance is relative and excellence is discouraged lest it make others UNCOMFORTABLE.

We are watching feminism and liberalism try to relegate manhood into irrelevance to the extreme detriment of our boys and young men. This is where the left and feminists are pushing us. It is a hostile place where men need not apply.



  1. R.Cohen says:

    Hahahahahaha! Funny stuff! This is the most humorous satire I’ve read all week.

    Wait — you are kidding, right? Of course you are. Nobody making such sweeping generalizations without any evidence or examples could possibly be SERIOUS.

    Good work!

  2. C/A says:

    Stick to drawing…

  3. Bob G. says:

    Okay, now THIS definitely qualfies as a truly HUGE “WTF?” moment!
    I swear this is Bizarro World these days.

    Stay safe.

  4. Old NFO says:

    It’s getting weirder and weirder out there…

  5. North says:

    This is similar to the post about masculinity:

    “But the caveman was fixed by making him a sensitive wimp. The gruff man was emasculated. Cut down, not improved. Man became polyester disco weenies, man became preppy effeminate pansies. And now what does the world have as a result?”

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