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OK I can only point out the obvious here unless I want to join Jack at E-54 ( I don’t).  I know both Jack and his father. In fact his dad and mine worked together over the years and both are tough old school smokeaters. I remember when young Jack came on the job and was assigned to Rescue 1, his dad’s old company. Over the years we have watched him develop into a class act and great firefighter just like his father. I have made many firegrounds with Jack and the guys from Rescue 1. It’s always good to know when you need help, when things are going south the cavalry is coming.

Clearly, Jack was trying to do something good for the widows of our deceased brothers. In case you don’t know many of our widows exist at or below the poverty line. The city affords them no cost of living and despite how the media portrays our pensions as “fat” they really are anything but. A widow left on her own may get some insurance but with kids to raise a city pension provides for little more than the basics. So it is in this spirit Jack decided to do what he could to help. $10,000 goes a long way in this situation.

The Commissioner’s reaction and defense of it, especially in light of his actions speak volumes and I leave it for the readers to interpret this news story how they see fit. I can tell you the rank and file have made up their minds. Our guys are stunned at this. It is yet another crushing blow to our morale especially after nearly losing three members last week.

Fire deaths are up. Injuries are through the roof. Yet we are disciplining an outstanding young firefighter while others who rap about cop killing are allowed to keep their job.

This isn’t the department I joined.

If you would like to help Jack reach his goal of raising the 10K for the widows fund please contact Philadelphia Firefighters Local 22 at:

415 N. 5th St.

Philadelphia Pa. 19123-4095


Thanks,  C/A


5 Responses to PFD NIPPLEGATE

  1. Randal Graves says:

    The Commissioner is a total jackoff!

  2. He Said His Telephone Number Was 911 says:

    I just walked into the room as that piece aired, and just uttered “He’s (Ayers) a F…” when I realised the Mother-In-Law was right there. How assinine. Black & Nobel, yeah, right.

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