I have to admit the more I see of Alan West the more I like. I’m hoping he runs for President. I’m 100% positive he DESTROYS Barack Obama in a head to head contest. In this video, some lunatics try to disrupt him while he’s giving a speech. He doesn’t flinch and takes it all in stride. I guess if you’re a combat vet a couple of twisted hecklers won’t rattle your cage much. The best part of the video is towards the end. One of the hecklers comes completely unhinged and has to be arrested. It’s a typical display from the left. They plant people in their opponents’ meetings to disrupt them. They are disrespectful toward law enforcement, publicly obnoxious and generally out of control. They behave more like unruly children who don’t get their way than adults. Let’s hope we hear much more from Colonel West.



  1. drjim says:

    Yeah, he’s the real deal!
    No wonder he drives the moonbats nuts.

  2. What makes this sweeter is that the chickiepoo who got busted used to work for… Air America!

  3. Be it military training, or natural persona – calm, cool and collected… I love it!!

    oh and bonus for the original footage of the moonbat being arrested!

  4. Bob G. says:

    If we were to have a (real) black President,. I would want THIS patriot in a Philly heartbeat!
    Where have they been hiding this man?

    Like drjim says:
    He IS the real deal.

    Roll safe.

  5. As we all know it’s not about race, it’s about character.

  6. Old NFO says:

    He IS the real deal… Talked to a couple of folks that served with him, he was the same way under fire. That was nothing. 🙂

  7. Capt K says:

    Wow, lucky enough to have seen more of Col West’s videos. What a rare sight, an elected official who speaks from the heart & has the “Been there,done that” background. Need more men like him!

  8. Olaf says:

    Did ya hear that Captain America wishes to renounce his U.S. citizenship in the birdcage lin…err I mean comic books?!

    • Um I believe that was SUPERMAN. Captain America would NEVER do something like that. In any case Superman is from another planet. F-him. He’s dead to me now.

  9. Don’t go hating Superman now, he was created by patriotic people back in the 30’s, this was done by idiotic anti-American liberal comic writers today.

    (incidentally, sorry for being redundant there, with “idiotic”, “anti-American” and “liberal”)

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