I saw Ray as he was being taken to the ambulance the night of this fire. He’s as tough a firefighter as there is and I’m glad that he will recover from his injuries.

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What he didn’t say in this interview (because he has way too much class) I will say for him. The job that almost killed him and two other firefighters and DID kill a civilian was complicated by the Nutter administrations reckless fire department cutbacks. Period. This intrepid, WORTHLESS veteran reporter Vernon Odom is either too ignorant or afraid to ask the simple yet hard question: Did the Fire Department cutbacks have ANY effect on this fire? Of course the answer is yes. Since he didn’t do his job, I’ll do it for him. Remember I’m just an idiotic blogger and he works for a major media outlet. You decide who has more GRAVITAS!

Ray works a Ladder 2 (4th & Arch) and they responded to this fire, First In. Engine 8 used to be at the same station as Ladder 2 but they are now closed. That means Engine 20 had to come from Chinatown in their place. That’s an enormous delay. Since Ladder 01 was also closed by the Nutter administration Ladder 23 WOULD HAVE responded from Chinatown as well. EXCEPT THEY WERE BROWNED OUT THIS NIGHT. So the second in Engine and Ladder were not available when they were needed most. Ladder 3 from the lower end of Kensington had to make the run instead. They are probably 4th? in at this location. Engine 6 (also closed) would have made this job as well. Two engines unavailable. Two Ladders unavailable. The result? Another dead civilian and three maimed firefighters. And we still don’t have a contract.



  1. Spock says:

    Point of information – L23 was second due, not L1. L1 was 3rd due. Not that it really matters to Ray, Joe, or Christine, or especially Officer Bell(ret).

  2. It’s a long run for either L-1 or L-23. Probably a better run for L-1. It’s close either way but it doesn’t matter since they were both unavailable.

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