A state representative from Northeast Philadelphia who has criticized Superintendent Arlene C. Ackerman will call for her removal on Thursday. “Every day she is there she is doing irreparable harm to the school district,” State Rep. Michael McGeehan, D-Phila., said Wednesday night. McGeehan said he will call on Gov. Corbett to urge the Philadelphia School Reform Commission to fire Ackerman. “I’m going to call on the governor to call on the SRC to terminate her contract immediately,” McGeehan said. “It serves no one person — save her — to stay one day longer.” The district is facing a $629 million budget shortfall after July 1, and on Wednesday district officials announced that they will have take $25 million in reserves to balance the current $3.2 billion, as well. LINK

It’s about time. I hope this effort succeeds. As you may know Arlene “The Queen” Ackerman is the Superintendant of the Philadelphia Public School District. It is a district in need of major league help. Under Ackermans watch the schools have become markedly more violent. The out of control episodes of racial violence are especially troubling. To make matters worse Ackerman has done little to effectively deal with the problems. She basically blamed Asian students at South Philly high for being attacked by black students after their complaints fell on deaf ears. It wasn’t the first or last time she made racial comments. More often than not under-reporting the statistics or ignoring them all together has become SOP in the district. Test scores are dismal in many schools and the teachers union still has a strangle hold on the system.

In my opinion the district needs to be broken up into smaller, performance based districts. The districts would be free to employ charter schools or other strategies that devalue the enormous budget-eating school district bureaucracy. Arlene Ackerman makes more than the President, the Police Commissioner, The Fire Commissioner, the Mayor and most likely the Governor. Today we found out that she has trouble paying her taxes as well…

She has done a pitiful job and may even face legal trouble for firing two whistle-blower employees who reported questionable contracting practices. She has to go, sooner rather than later. For the kids sake…


4 Responses to THE DOCTOR IS IN… OR OUT?

  1. Dustoff says:


    I have to ask. Is she a dem? Cause it looks like so many dem’s have trouble paying their taxes.

    Can you say (Timmy G and Rangel)

  2. Old NFO says:

    Lemme see… certain ethnicity and political party??? Good luck actually getting rid of her…

  3. Bob G. says:

    It’s good to be QUEEN…
    (just not for all that much longer, hopefully)


    Roll safe

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