It may not win him the election, but on Thursday, long-shot mayoral candidate T. Milton Street Sr. pulled off a not-so-small coup by winning the endorsement of the city’s firefighters’ union. The executive board of Local 22 of the International Association of Fire Fighters – with about 2,100 active members – chose Street as their candidate over Mayor Nutter after meeting with Street Thursday morning.

The union has feuded with Nutter since he deactivated seven companies as the recession hit in January 2009. Last year, Nutter cut paramedics out of the union after an overtime dispute, and appealed a contract arbitration award in November that gave firefighters 3 percent raises in each year for fiscal 2011-13 and exempted them from furloughs. Nutter argued that the fire contract was too expensive, but at the time, Local 22 president Bill Gault called it “a slap in the face.” LINK

You can’t make this stuff up. Our local, IAFF Local 22 has decided, without consulting the membership, to endorse Milton Street for mayor of Philadelphia. For those of you outside the Philly region who may not know him, Milton is the brother of former Mayor John “The brothers and sisters are in charge” Street. He’s a deadbeat felon with NO SHOT of being elected dogcatcher, let alone mayor.

This endorsement, safe to say, has turned our local into a laughing stock and has virtually assured us more and even greater abuse from city hall. It isn’t a stretch to say this endorsement may even have personal, career implications for me. Further cuts to the fire department will only destroy my chances for advancement. A spiteful mayor Nutter has already shown he cares little about public safety. We have little to gain at this point by provoking him further.



  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    I think it’s brilliant. Seriously. It gives a big “F You” to Nutter, who was gonna screw you guys no matter who you endorse.

  2. There is some thinking along those lines, and if it were going to be close I would say go for it. But Nutter’s going to win in a landslide even if only 30% turnout. So we are only making him madder. If he closes more companies, bye bye Chief.

  3. bob (either orr) says:

    I guess it depends on how vindictive Mayor Squidward is. If he’s a typical Demorat, and I’ve seen nothing to indicate otherwise, you guys are screwed, blued, and tattooed.
    Hang in there, man.

  4. Jake says:

    I’m still in shock,does anyone remember we also endorsed Jonathan Saidel a few years ago. I may be very wrong but,how many timed must we shoot ourselves in the foot? Jake

  5. Bob G. says:

    Shouldn’t Milton be getting back to his HOT DOG vending cart downtown???

    I think they’ve run OUT of feet, and are now aiming at some of the VITAL parts (of the city)…not a good sign.

    Roll safe out there.

  6. FrankC says:

    You “have little to gain” but damn all to lose. Nutter is against the safety and survival of your city. Does he have a fiddle a la Nero?

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