Work has also been a bit slow as the weather breaks. Fires usually start to ebb around this time of the year as people start to spend more time outside. However EMS calls start their yearly climb. Nice weather brings all sorts of medical emergencies. Having just had some time off I’m getting ready to start working lots of overtime. We are so understaffed that we don’t have much choice. Vacation period will begin and then it will be lots of long hours manning the firehouse.

Spring is also a good time for the kids. The girl is playing softball again. There is something magical about the beginning of baseball season. Most of the girls from last years team have returned so they should have a great season. The boy is knee-deep in scouting. We started our own Troop for the boys after a hard decision to go our own way and sever ties with the old affiliate. It has been a lot of work starting a Boy Scout Troop from scratch but it’s worth it. Last week we had our first camping trip and it was a great success (BUT COLD!). The parents are all dedicated and willing to go the distance to make it a success. We will have our first crossover ceremony (WEBELOS to Boy Scouts) at the end of the month and Nick and the other boys will be getting the Arrow Of Light. It’s a big deal and we want to make sure everything goes well. Scouting has really turned out to be an awesome experience. The boys work hard and have a great time.

Both the kids are taking Kempo / Karate and have earned their purple belts. They love it. With this schedule they are usually exhausted by the end of the day (and so are we). I’m still taking a few classes and hope to be finished after Septembers term. I have learned to slice my day into little slivers of time and try to fit everything in. Sometimes the blog gets the smallest slice.

Tomorrow back to the firehouse. Blogging will continue as I see fit…

Spring fever has hit and lately I haven’t had much to say as far as blogging goes. Some times you need to get away and let things lie, clear the head a bit. While I have been following the budget battle and the Libya debacle there is little to say on either that isn’t already out there. Our union has been engaged in a minor civil war over our affiliation with the IAFF (which many of us oppose due to their liberal / socialist agenda). I don’t expect much to come of it.


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