REUTERS – Muammar Gaddafi’s forces pushed towards the Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi on Wednesday and his government predicted victory within days while world powers debated imposing a no-fly zone to help stop him.

President Obama engages in a high level, strategic policy discussion of international importance.

Foreign powers condemn the crackdown but show little appetite for action to support an uprising that was inspired by pro-democracy rebellions that toppled the Egyptian and Tunisian presidents. A Gaddafi victory and a crackdown on protests in Bahrain could turn the tide in the region against pro-democracy movements.

Supporters of a no-fly zone to halt Libyan government air strikes on rebels circulated a draft resolution at the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday that would authorise one, but other states said questions remained. LINK

I find it horrifying that the dictator of Libya is more decisive and has a bigger set of ballz than the President of the United States of America. Maybe we have it all wrong. If Obama doesn’t think Gadhafi doesn’t deserve to be removed after using tanks, troops and air strikes against his own people, (civilians)  then maybe we should take a look at bringing him in to straighten out our country. Clearly the guy can stand up to international pressure, he’s a veteran with real military experience and is willing to make hard decisions regardless of pressure. Right now… we can use a dose of leadership like that.

Plus, he looks great in uniform.



  1. Ingineer66 says:

    True but how smart could the guy be? He is dictator of a country but he only made himself a Colonel.
    I would rather have somebody like Vladimir Putin, who loves his country, looks like a man and kicks ass and takes names.

  2. Maybe we could start a “fantasy government” league. I want to draft Vald with my opening pick…

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