PHILADELPHIA – March 4, 2011 (WPVI) — In the wake of the Carl Greene scandal, all remaining members of the Philadelphia Housing Authority have resigned during an afternoon meeting of the embattled agency.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development asked all board members to step down to restore confidence and protect funding after the September 2010 firing of longtime executive director Carl Greene and ensuing federal investigations. The board said Greene used about $900,000 in public money to settle sexual harassment allegations against him.

Two days ago, Philadelphia council member Jannie Blackwell resigned from the board of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, as federal officials have asked. Blackwell was the only member of the vote to vote against firing Greene. LINK

I can’t wait until we find out just how much taxpayer money has been funneled through the most corrupt agency this side of the Mississippi (besides our own city council). Liberals keep howling about “taxing the rich” more because of “revenue shortfalls.” As if rich people’s taxes have anything at all to do with the current state of our city, state or federal governments finances. Everyone knows “rich” people pay most of the taxes now as it is. What liberals won’t admit is that they need these insane, bloated government bureaucracies and programs to keep their base happy and themselves in power. Cutting wasteful programs and bloated government, especially unionized thugs, goes at the heart of their base… and they are in spasms over it. PHA is as corrupt, wasteful and worthless a government agency as you will ever find.

The Philadelphia Housing Authority has finally melted down. Its board has resigned and its director will probably end up in jail (if there is any justice in this world). They have squandered MILLIONS of tax dollars over many years. I for one, question why we even have a housing authority in the first place. It is just another area that the government has expanded into with no legitimate reason. Housing is essentially a private market transaction. There is no shortage of market rate housing in Philadelphia. What liberals want is essentially FREE housing. That’s really the objective of government agencies like PHA. Now even the Obama administration has no choice but to take over another of Philly’s agencies because our politicians have screwed us again. At a time when we are closing fire companies, PHA is wasting money like there is no tomorrow. Sickening.



  1. bob (either orr) says:

    Naaaah… not a standard issue prison.
    Make them live in one of those killer high-rises under 24-7 guard… to keep them in.
    And make sure the maintenance is up to PHA’s usual stellar (!!!) standards.

  2. Old NFO says:

    If they tax the rich, they’ll just leave like the ones in MD did…

  3. Bob G. says:

    Doesn’t surprise me about the PHA…only what TOOK so “gee-dee” long???
    Philly never really “needed” them at all…HUD was always around (and when you spell that backwards, THAT spells “DUH”!)
    And yes, the rich WILL move…hell, many that weren’t even that rich moved (myself included).
    You could see where this crap was going.
    I DO like Bob’s idea of sticking them in the old-type hi-rises…ahh, the memories down along Washington Ave near Front st.

    On the “up” side…I guess my Philly Housing Authority TACTICAL UNIT patch just became a real “collectible…LOL.

    Roll safe out there.

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