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WASHINGTON (AP) — A new study by a federal watchdog agency finds that overlapping and duplicative federal programs waste billions of taxpayer dollars each year, adding fresh targets as lawmakers in both parties seek opportunities to cut spending.Forty-seven job training programs, 80 programs to help poor and disabled people with their transportation needs, and 82 distinct programs on teacher quality are but a few of the findings of the Government Accountability Office report, a summary of which was released Tuesday.

“Reducing or eliminating duplication, overlap, or fragmentation could potentially save billions of taxpayer dollars annually and help agencies provide more efficient and effective services,” the report says.Republicans jumped on the report as the latest evidence that there’s plenty of waste to cut as the deficit heads toward an astonishing $1.6 trillion this year. LINK

Somewhere in the middle of these contradicting arguments lies the truth about what is going on in our world today. The video makes a compelling if not slightly slanted case for what the budget cuts are doing to the fire service. What is correct is everything Mike Kane said. I have worked with Mike over the years and I know him well. He is an honest, hard-working no-nonsense Fire Chief, one of the best there is. The core of the issue is that government spending is so out of control, so corrupt and so wasteful that ESSENTIAL services are being destroyed. We must remember that governments are formed in the first place to provide ESSENTIAL and COST EFFECTIVE services so that the public order and commerce and health are maintained.

This article that came out yesterday details the HORRENDOUS waste, duplication, mismanagement and corruption that characterizes our federal government. THIS IS WHAT REPUBLICANS ARE REFERRING TO WHEN THEY SAY CUT THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT. We all know how much waste, fraud and abuse is on the public books. To pretend otherwise is folly. What is even more disingenuous is democrats and liberals constantly claiming that the GOP wants to starve old women and children. This report shows how much money we are wasting, money that SHOULD BE GOING TOWARD PAYING FOR THE ESSENTIAL SERVICES OF GOVERNMENT, NOT THE EXOTIC SERVICES.



  1. bob (either orr) says:

    And what’s the first thing that Democratic politicians run to cut? Defense… public safety…
    Let’s face it — to them, y’all don’t count.
    Continued prayers, C/A.

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