PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon congressman facing calls for his resignation from some of the state’s largest newspapers said the mental health condition from which he suffers doesn’t prevent him from doing his job. U.S. Rep. David Wu told KGW-TV in an interview aired Saturday that he won’t specify his mental health issue. LINK

Oh yeah, this is PRICELESS! Of course we know insanity is no impediment to being a liberal Democrat congressman. Hell it’s almost a pre-requisite! Insanity hasn’t slowed Nancy Pelosi down one second. Why would Wu let it get in between himself and his Tigger jammies? We are in DEEP TROUBLE FOLKS!

Somewhere, Christine O’Donnell is laughing.


4 Responses to VOTE FOR TIGGER!

  1. Crusty says:

    Yo Cap! Think he plays cat & mouse with Barney Thwank

  2. Sally Anne says:

    All I see is someone goofing around. He can change his party affiliation to “Silly Party” and just own the tiger suit instead of trying to put this big defense on. I vote Very Silly, so it’s not like he’s getting my vote, but I don’t see the big deal at all here. 😀

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