2-Alarm Fire in W. Phila.



A two-alarm fire erupted in a West Philadelphia apartment building Thursday night, leading to rescues of residents from upper floor windows, authorities said. A firefighter and a femal resident were transported to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, fire officials said. The firefighter was treated and released, while the woman was in stable condition, officials said. At 6:47 p.m., police reported that residents were trapped inside the four-story building at 45th and Walnut Streets. The fire was declared under control at 7:36 p.m. One man rescued from the building was arrested after he reportedly became disorderly.

For years extra alarm fires were going down in Philly. In light of the recent cuts to our department, the loss of TEN companies per shift, they are going back up. Another apartment building in West Philly has gone up in flames. Every time extra alarms are needed, it leaves the rest of the city dangerously undermanned. Now they want us to go to Camden and fight fires as well. How many people in Philly are going to die because of these dangerous and irresponsible cuts to emergency services? The workload is crushing the department and our equipment. I fought two major fires this past week alone. Our guys are physically beat. Something has to give.


3 Responses to YET ANOTHER EXTRA

  1. Dustoff says:

    Nuts Capt…. just nuts.

  2. Rick says:

    I don’t even no where to start. First, you are not a firefighter, you are a REPUBLICAN. If you want to rail against cutbacks, you better look at your own beloved party Captain!!!! They are the ones who think you’re an overpaid chump!!

    Ps….why do you guys wear those helmets??…get a cairns with a shield, it’ll make you look more like Captain America and less like Mr. Spermhead….LOL….

    • Wyatt Earp says:

      Hey Dick, nice to see you again. Allow me to help you, since you are obviously the product of the public school system. Now, normally, even someone like yourself with a third-grade education would know that you can easily spell-check your AIDS-induced ramblings, but since I’m here I’ll lend a hand.

      1. You probably want to use “know” in the first sentence instead of ‘no.” I mean, your argument goes “no where,” but that’s probably not what you’re trying to say. Living with dementia is difficult, isn’t it, Dick?

      2. Believe it or not, it is possible for someone to be a firefighter and a Republican. Just like it is possible for you to be an unemployed troll and a douchebag.

      3. Comma use is a wonderful thing. You need one after “party,” and before “Captain.” You also don’t need four exclamation points. It’s superfluous.

      4. Usually, P.S. is capitalized, but I’ll assume its an homage to e.e. cummings. Wait, you probably can’t read, so forget that. “Why” should be capitalized here after the ellipsis, as should “Get.”

      5. “Cairns” is definitely capitalized because it is a proper noun. A noun is a person, place, or thing. Didn’t you ever watch “Grammar Rock?”

      6. “It’ll” is the start of a new sentence. At least it should be, but you’re illiterate, Dick, so I forgive you. I’m cool like that.

      Otherwise, your comment is brilliant. Just a half dozen errors keep it from being intelligible. Dolt.

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