After finishing my work week early this morning I was downloading some video files. I thought, scratch that, I DID in fact save the files in Windows Movie Maker. Probably because I was just plain old tired I then deleted the files off the camera. Bad move. When I went back to play the video it didn’t come up. I got the yellow triangle of death and instantly my heart sank. I have tried all day to recover them, including a bunch of recovery programs with no luck so far. I’m pretty bent out of shape over this. Anyone have ideas on how to recover .AVI files I’d really appreciate any help at all. C/A


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  1. mrmacs says:

    What kind of media does the camera use? If you can remove the media from the camera, can you use your recovery tools on it? If it’s a hard drive or flash, you might be successful. OR. If you can connect the camera to your computer, and the computer sees the camera as an external drive, can you use the recovery tools on it then? Typically, Windows/DOS changes the first character of a file to denote that it can be overwritten, but it is still in the file system.
    Good luck!

  2. Randal Graves says:

    Problem solved…get a MAC.

    • Shaky says:

      Sounds like the files on your PC are corrupted…probably won’t have much luck there. Your best bet may be to run a file recovery program on the SD card of your camera…you should be able to remove it and plug it in to the card reader of your PC, or, if the USB connection “mounts” the card, the camera itself will act as the card reader.

      Google “recover deleted files from an SD card” and see what pops up.Use caution tho, a lot of sites that pop up on searches like these drop unwanted crap on your hard drive.

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