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Okay, today I’m REALLY pissed off. I’m pissed off because there are a LOT of people out there these days playing politics with other people’s lives. I’m going to run through some of these issues, so bear with me. First off there is this guy Ed Schultz. I don’t know much about him but he is a TOOL.

In this clip he is ranting and raving about sticking up for firefighters. That may APPEAR to be what he is doing. But it isn’t. He is USING firefighters to push his apparently liberal point of view. He simply is using us to bash people like Chris Christie and John Boehner. What’s more, he is being completely disingenuous. He’s a skunk in plain words. The clips he flashes are taken out of context. Take the one with Glenn Beck. I saw that show and what Glen was saying is factually correct, but Schultz pulls one line out and uses it for shock effect. He relishes sticking it to Republicans, but Ed apparently missed this video of that assclown Rahm Emanuel:

I find it telling that Rahm-bo equates cleaning and plowing snow with police work. But what else should we expect from a guy with ZERO law enforcement or emergency services background? As far as I know he’s just another lawyer with a big mouth-turned-politician. Like most other Democrats, he will try to run these departments on less than shoestring budgets and people will die because of it. Emanuel is quietly talking about massive cuts to public safety in Chicago. Chicago, much like Camden, is crime-infested and can ill afford those kind of cuts.

The other issue is municipal pensions. Some are in bad shape. But they are in bad shape for various reasons, chief among them is the refusal of the governments and politicians to fund them correctly or in some cases at all. MANY municipalities CHOSE to spend their pension payments on things other than their legal obligations. The cities signed contracts then reneged on their obligations, plain and simple. Many cities have historically ignored laws and intentionally allowed their pension plans to get dangerously close to insolvency. Philly is always like that DESPITE restructuring them on more than one occasion. Many figured that they could always count on a state or federal bailout if things got too bad. So they just pissed away taxpayers’ money. They won’t talk about all the money made when the economy was good and they BORROWED money from the pension plans.

Now if you’re a cop or firefighter like me, you don’t get Social Security. You count on your pension for your retirement. SO after years of collective bargaining and obeying the laws, often taking reductions and no pay increases, and without the ability to strike, cops and firefighters are looking at risking our lives and livelihoods for what amounts to empty promises.

Now Governors like Chris Christie are on the right track for a lot of what they are doing. You wouldn’t know it, but most cops and firefighters trend toward the Republicans. We see every day the destructive, practical reality of failed liberal ideology. Everything from unsound social policies, to ridiculous legal policies to insane fiscal policies, cops and firefighters are often up close and personal with the failure of the left. We understand and demand the government has to balance the books. After all we usually have to live in these towns and cities. We don’t want them to go broke.

The problem is that we are all too often the victims of that effort. What’s going on right now in Philly and Camden is a prime example. Camden is so poorly managed financially and in every other respect that cops and firefighters are being laid off further eroding the quality of life there. Who in their right mind would move to or open up ANY business in Camden? It’s too dangerous to even sell drugs in Camden!

BUT here’s the point – Camden isn’t bankrupt BECAUSE of the police or fire department. It is the rest of the runaway municipal government and agencies combined with widespread corruption, waste, fraud, mismanagement and outright theft that has done Camden in. I’m not saying the police or fire departments could never trim some fat. EVERY organization in the world could do that. But traditionally, the fire department is one of the most tightly run organizations in all of city government. Conversely in Philadelphia, the Sheriff’s department didn’t even keep records of overtime. The Housing Authority and school district waste MILLIONS while we grovel for scraps to save lives. On the other hand I could show you EVERY overtime in my company going back two years. Man for man, hour for hour. So you get the point. With the right management we are a no-nonsense, cut to the bone high performance department. We are the original do more with less guys.

There was a time when the municipal pay scale had a hierarchy. Cops were usually on top and deservedly so. No one else in government is asked to not only RISK their life, but quite possibly TAKE one as well. For that reason they are on top. Firefighters are rightly second. Although there are a lot of people we would LIKE to off, we are sworn to help save everyone.

Somewhere down at the bottom are were the unskilled workers. Sanitation comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong. I respect the job the trash men do. But at the end of the day it’s low-risk, unskilled labor. Yet because of labor unions, the disparity in pay is nearly non-existent anymore. Teachers and bus drivers make as much as cops. That’s the liberal push towards socialism manifesting itself, front and center. Bus drivers and teachers are important. Just not as important as cops and firefighters. So this blurring of the pay scale has contributed to the fiscal decimation of city budgets and pension plans.

That’s why Republicans like Chris Christie need to understand that treating cops and firefighters like every other union is not only bad policy, it’s just plain wrong. It’s the Democrats who have been destroying the emergency services for twenty years. Why align yourself with the people who are doing the real damage? The emergency services are natural constituents for the Republicans. What’s worse, the International Association of Firefighters (our little loved or respected) international union is preparing a public relations campaign that will blame everyone except those responsible for our pension and budget problems.

It’s time they wake up and start to realize that.




  1. Bob G. says:

    ANd that’s why we have to watch BOTH hands of people like this.
    (and especially BOTH sides of their mouths, because that’s where all the hot air is coming from.

    Stay safe.

  2. Rick says:

    What a joke!…If republicans had their way ALL firefighters would be volunteers!….You have as much spin as those lib talk show hosts!

    I can tell you spend alot of time at the firehouse by yourself as everyone else goes to another room while you watch Fox News all day!!

    • Um Rick actually FOX is on EVERY TV in our station all the time. (Conservative babes are the hottest). You aren’t very bright apparently. Let me set you straight: Fire protection is a LOCAL responsibility. That means city, town, county responsibility. MOST ALL big cities in the US have been controlled by democrats since the middle to late 1950’s. Philly, NY, Camden, Baltimore, Detroit, Boston you name one. These cities have been run into the ground and the fire departments HAVE NEVER been supported by the democrats. The democrats only support BIG LABOR, not municipal unions. We are the fat, lazy, greedy city employees who get the fat pensions and do no work. The democrats are DEVASTATING fire and police departments across the country as we speak despite heavy support from our international union- the IAFF. SO don’t tell me how republicans are doing anything to the fire service. It would take years for them to inflict the damage democrats like Ed Rendell, Mike Nutter and John Street have done.
      Thanks for playing

      • MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin unions geared up Wednesday for a second day of powerful protests designed to pressure lawmakers to halt a sweeping anti-labor bill that would essentially strip workers of their collective bargaining rights so Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature can control the state budget.

        Thousands of students, teachers and other workers clogged a hearing for hours and camped out at the Capitol overnight, and so many teachers called in sick that the Madison public school district had to cancel classes Wednesday.

        While other states have proposed bills curtailing labor rights, Wisconsin’s measure is the boldest step by a new Republican governor and Legislature to solve budget problems by confronting organized labor. It would end collective bargaining for all state, county and local workers except for police, firefighters and the state patrol.


  3. Rick says:

    Give me some examples of how your department has been “DEVASTATED” by your mayor? What other major cities have been DEVASTATED. and why?

    Sounds like you should retire, let someone who loves the job do it, political firefighters are a bore at the firehouse, they pace alot and complain about EVERYTHING….Is that you?….Every department has em…I feel like I know you..LOL…

    • Well Rick you don’t know me.

      Mayor Nutter has CLOSED 7 line fire companies. In a department that does nearly 300,000 calls a year we need every companie we can get. In addition we now “Brown Out” 3 more companies every shift. Thats a total of 10 companies taken off the street, EVERY SHIFT since he was elected. In addition the administration has downgraded many Medic units to BLS from ALS forcing firefighters back into an ambulance rotation after ending that stupid program 8-9 years ago. This at a time we can ill afford it, with 150 FF vacancies. Then they turn around and complain about how much overtime we work. 150 vacant positions. No new class in three years. He has hired a PUBLIC DEFENDER to oversee the Police and Fire departments. A guy with ZERO emergency management credentials. Extra alarm fires are WAY up. A lady just died at Philly International Airport waiting 40 minutes for an ambulance. The list goes on.

      You need more examples? How about NYC- closed a half a dozen companies since 911. They recently cut the manpower on their trucks.

      How about Camden? They just laid off 67 FF last month. Now they want us to cross the bridge to New Jersey and do their work. I guess the taxpayers in Philly can just pay for all of Camdens services while we are at it. Prisons, schools, trash, police, fire you name it.

      So there are your examples. You obviously don’t read this blog often as I have done posts about all of this. You just took one story, formed an erroneous opinion and decided to pop off. That’s not uncommon.

      I suggest you do your homework before making dumb comments in the future. Or not.

      • Rick says:

        What are the alternatives? If the money isn’t there it isn’t there.

        Public safety is and SHOULD BE the number one priority of cities. Problem is people (mostly consevative) don’t want to pay for it!! Tax hikes are not an option anymore.

        My city, Indianapolis IN, had a mayor who raised some taxes to be used 100% for public safety, he was a popular two term mayor. He was drubbed 7 months later in the election by a political novice who hadn’t even lived in the city the last 25 years! Did the newcomer roll-back the tax cut? Of course not, he’s just another shameless politician looking to get elected.

        I feel for you, I know how busy you guys are, most people have NO IDEA!
        I just wish people would realize safety isn’t free!

        Cities also need trash-pickup, parks, snow removal etc. I don’t think these people should be minimum wage workers and I don’t like going to war with other city services over money. In Indy the Cops and Firefighters make way more money than those folks already (as it should be).

        Thanks for rolling with my sarcasm, and yes, I do write my own material.

  4. Rick says:

    Hey, have you heard about the guy in Arizona who refused to respond to the Giffords shooting because of “politics”…now there’s a guy who could be a great driver for you Cap!!….I can hear him now, “mark back in service Cap, Limbaugh starts in 10 minutes”……

  5. Rick- the problem is and most don’t realize that it isn’t a LACK of revenue that drives our funding problems and deficits. PHILLY has a 4 BILLION dollar budget. And they still can’t balance the budget and provide essential services. Ask yourself where the hell does all the money go?

    IT IS THE WASTE, FRAUD, CORRUPTION, BS SPENDING ON EVERY AND ANY THING EXCEPT CRITICAL, ESSENTIAL SERVICES. We have whole departments that can’t be explained. We have departments that can and SHOULD be eliminated. We have so much waste of tax payers money it isn’t funny.

    Of course republicans want low taxes. Thats because low taxes drive a thriving economy. Money in the pockets of citizens is much better than money in the hands of politicians. Any day, any time. We feed the machine of government at the expense of the private sector. Remember the private sector actually has to make a profit or they go out of business. Obama has proved that government will NEVER go out of business.

    I’m going out on a limb here and thinking that you can spend YOUR money better than a bureaucrat. I hope.

    • Rick says:

      Anyway, giving the politics a rest for a second, I do like this site. I’ve traveled quite a bit but I’ve never been to Philadelphia. I love American history and am aware that Philly is steeped in that kind of stuff. Your picture page is cool.

      In Indy, we don’t have that early history stuff, but we do have Peyton Manning!….and we have a good fire department that gets pretty good support from the politicians (both parties).

    • Rick says:

      Just saw Christie on TV today PRAISING the “tough choices” that the mayors of Newark and Camden have made. He said they had two choices, cut costs (closing stations) or lay-off cops and firefighters. I thought Christie had changed parties!!

      Are you a union member? If so, why? Do you think ONLY fireman and cops should have unions?

      Quit blaming every fire death in Philly on the politicians. Most fires (not all) but most are started by someone’s ignorance. A “pull yourself up” guy like you oughta be disgusted with the cause of the fires not run around blaming the ensuing deaths on politicians. You sound just like the people who blamed Bush for soldiers dying in Iraq! Think about it, do you really want to sound like them? I hope not….

  6. Water says:



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