There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the events we are witnessing today in Egypt are the direct result of the policies of the Bush administration. Despite eight years of Bush bashing and defeatist talking points by the left, his policies, like those of Ronald Reagan, have ignited the natural desire people across the Middle East to be free. Many Egyptians, after having witnessed the events in Iraq, how a brutal dictatorship and a radical insurgency were slowly, systematically defeated and replaced with a shaky, fledgling democracy, have finally decided they want a shot at the same thing. At least we hope so.

I remember clearly when liberals like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi pronounced the Iraq war unwinnable, essentially a lost cause. History will remember them for their failures. Talk of a quagmire and a lost cause was played up on every left-wing media outlet and station. They threw in the towel and undercut the President at every turn. Then-Senator Obama was the ONLY senator to vote against the Iraq war. Yet President Bush persisted.

While Code Pink said all was lost he implemented the surge. Gradually with the support of the Awakening Councils, Al Qaeda in Iraq and maniacs like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi were smoked, defeated. The tide turned against the insurgents and Baathists. All the Middle East watched. No doubt widely available electronic media and social networking (products of American innovation) played tremendous parts in these events. (Maybe their absence is the reason change is so slow to come in Afghanistan). Despite the radical left in this country undermining his policy of freedom at every turn, the people of the Middle East watched events carefully. Now the have seized their opportunity. It’s a great day.

The question now is can they turn a popular uprising into a democratic society. Revolution may in the end prove to be the easy part. The Arab world may want to be free, but they have no history of freedom. There are next to zero functioning democracies in the Muslim world. Freedom is incompatible with Islam. If this revolution is to succeed in bringing free elections and democratic reforms, Egyptians will need to reign in the radicals in their midst like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Incredibly our own government, the Obama administration has bungled this situation from the beginning. Lack of clear intelligence about events on the ground has led to an incoherent policy and inconsistent message. When the National Intelligence director says nice things about the Muslim Brotherhood (a group dedicated to world-wide Jihad) you know they are in disarray over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We should have expected as much when the Obama administration missed a golden opportunity to help the citizens of Iran unseat their own oppressive regime last year. Instead of standing with the people of Iran and freedom, the Obama administration incredibly stuck up for the regime. The same regime who wants nothing more than to build a nuclear weapon and wipe out Israel with it. It’s clear when it comes to international politics Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are rank amateurs, allowing events to dictate their policy. Obama never did get the freedom thing anyway.

The only thing left for America to do now is watch and wait and hope for a positive outcome in Egypt.



  1. Randal Graves says:

    “Lack of clear intelligence” – kinda like all of those “weapons of mass destruction” that Iraq had.

  2. Old NFO says:

    I just LOVE how they are blaming Bush… Hello… Mubarak has been there for 30 years!!!

    • It all depends how you want to look at it, or how they will SPIN it.

      1. If Egypt becomes a stable democracy Bush gets NO CREDIT.
      2. If Egypt becomes another Iran, Bush gets the BLAME!
      3. At the end of the day Mubarak had to go at some point. Its how the transition is handled that is critical. Unfortunately Obama has booted it and now all bets are off.

      • Old NFO says:

        You are absolutely correct CA… dammit… one other thing is that the WHOLE thing was a massive failure by this administration to have a coherent strategy or even correct intel (lack of HUMINT failures continue)

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    Yeah, how about that “secular” Muslim Brotherhood? An organization who uses this as its foundation:

    “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”

    Yeah, well played, Mr. Clapper. Dope.

  4. Too bad W isn’t still around to, ummm,….direct the path of a newly-free Egypt. Instead, we have ill-prepared intelligence operatives getting their intel from CeeNoNews and a president that’s going to let the Muslim Brotha,…Brotherhood, run roughshod all over that country.

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