PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Michael Nutter says he understands if residents are disgruntled over the condition of city streets — and he admits he’s far from satisfied with the state of smaller roads in the neighborhoods.

Nutter says there are, in his words, “too many areas” of Philadelphia where the condition of the streets are still quite poor. “We are still working on it.  We are committed to working on it,” he told KYW Newsradio on Monday morning.  “I understand the concerns that many citizens have expressed. 

 We’re not done, and we not completely satisfied,” the mayor acknowledged. And Nutter says that city crews are still out doing their best to melt the layers of hard-packed snow and ice that are making many of the roads so difficult. This effort comes, he says, even as crews gear up for the next round of wintry weather forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday. LINK

After almost a week we see that our Mayor is “far from satisfied” with the snow removal efforts. Duh! Ironic that his Streets Commissioner thinks her department has done a bang up job. “Things are going so very well” I think was her quote of the century.

Funny thing though: one of my co-workers lives in a private development in the city. His streets are plowed clear… EVERYTIME it snows. Why do people continue to place their everloving trust in a government that can’t even plow the snow off the streets? Really. Can someone explain it to me?

Government isn’t the solution to our problems, it IS the problem.



  1. Reverse Midas Touch says:

    Everything government touches turns to a steaming pile.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Trust + Government = FAIL…

  3. It takes me 20 extra minutes to go the first 1.5 miles of my daily commute because of these half-lane streets clogged with half-wit knuckle-draggers. I can only imagine a pumper or tiller making that route any faster! What the city needs to do is crack down on the crack heads that turn parallel parking streets into head-first angled parking and take up half the street width and three parking spaces in the process! God, I can’t get my furniture into my new, suburban home soon enough!

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