Ill. high court: Emanuel can run for Chicago mayor
January 27, 2011 6:57 PM EST

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois’ highest court put Rahm Emanuel back in the race for Chicago mayor Thursday, three days after a lower court threw the former White House chief of staff off the ballot because he had not lived in the city for a full year. The state Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Emanuel’s favor, saying an appeals court decision that said the candidate needed to be physically present in Chicago was “without any foundation in Illinois law.”

“As I said from the beginning, I think the voters deserve the right to make the choice of who should be mayor,” Emanuel said shortly after getting word of the high court’s action. “I’m not quite sure emotionally where I’m at.” When he learned of the ruling, Emanuel said he immediately called his wife and took a congratulatory call from his old boss, President Barack Obama.

Emanuel lived for nearly two years in Washington working for Obama. He moved back to Chicago in October, after incumbent Mayor Richard M. Daley declined to seek another term. Emanuel never stopped campaigning as the case unfolded. Within minutes of the ruling, he was at a downtown Chicago public transit station shaking hands with residents. He was scheduled to participate in televised debate later Thursday evening.

The former White House aide has said he always intended to return to Chicago LINK

Although I held out hope that justice would prevail, deep down inside I knew that no judge would have the balls, intestinal fortitude to stand up to the Presidents hand-picked successor to Mayor Daley. It’s the same old story. Corruption, arrogance, privilege. The old Chicago politics. Quite frankly Chicago politicians make Philly’s politicians look like pikers when it comes to corruption and God knows in Philly we are pretty proficient when it comes to corruption.

So in this instance a law everyone thought they understood has been completely turned upside down. Now anyone from anywhere can go to Chicago and run for Mayor. Ok fine. Then what EXACTLY does the residency law mean anymore? Obviously when it was written it MEANT SOMETHING. Like only residents of the city could run for Mayor. Meaning they should actually LIVE within the city they are expected to govern.

Now, what’s to stop Emmanuel from continuing to live in Washington D.C and installing a proxy? After all does anyone think this guy gives a rats ass about making the trains run on time? Of course not. Does anyone think they will see Emmanuel riding a snow plow through the neighborhood streets? Hell no. Our Mayor doesn’t care about such things and he’s a nobody. That’s the point. Laws are supposed to apply to EVERYONE. They are there for a resaon. Anymore when liberals run into a law they don’t like, *POOF* it disappears.

My question now- does this mean all the cops and firefighters in Chicago no longer need to be “Physically present” either?????




  1. Rick says:

    From the land of Al Capone

  2. drove the Chevy to the levy says:

    The rule of law is dead.

  3. Bob G. says:

    And just when you THOUGHT there may be light at the end of the political tunnel…

    Back to politics AS USUAL…

    Roll safe out there.

  4. I never expected anything close to the rule of law from Chicago. What a cesspool.

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