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I couldn’t help but think about the Rahm Emmanuel story when I saw this. Lets forget for a second that this woman wanted to put her kids in a better school district. Actually who doesn’t?

Like Mr. Emmanuel who thinks he should just be entitled to run for Mayor even though he doesn’t meet the legal requirements, this woman thinks she should be able to do whatever she wants. If she lies or cheats or steals along the way that’s ok, until she got caught.

Therein lies the crux of stories like this, a feeling of entitlement. This woman decided that the rules that apply to everyone else, don’t apply to her. Unfortunately her poor judgement has put her kids in the middle of this situation. It’s an unintended consequence but one that could have been avoided had she used better judgement and respect… for the law.

I don’t have any sympathy for her because at the end of the day she lied and defrauded the taxpayers of the district where she sent her kids. When confronted she not only lied again she brought her father into the scam and got him to lie for her. Now she is in jail. Didn’t see that one coming? She should have.

As a Philadelphia city employee subject to residency the law is clear as it applies to me- I must reside within the city limits. Period. Often where you send your kids to school is used as a factor in determining where you live especially if you are under investigation by the city for living outside the city limits. If I am found in violation I can expect to be terminated.

Now we live very close to the city limits. There are a few good schools that are close by but are outside the city where I would like to send our kids. Unfortunately I do not live in those districts so my kids are ineligible. If I were to sneak them in I would be committing fraud, theft of services or theft by deception. That’s what this woman did. She stole and then she lied about it. Yet check out how sympathetic the reporters are to her situation.

Naturally everyone wants to send their kids to the best schools or put them in the best district, yet there are some who don’t want to pay for it. It is a lot like the illegal immigration argument: border states are being forced to pick up the tab for services rendered to thousands of illegals because the federal government won’t enforce immigration laws.

Our society is heading for a major train wreck if large portions of the population feel as if they are above the law, no matter their feelings of entitlement.



  1. Old NFO says:

    Sad, but it IS the state of education today… No child left behind my ass… Where is the NEA NOW???

  2. Ingineer66 says:

    Funny how liberals are against vouchers for school choice, but many inner city people that repeatedly vote Democrat are the ones most hurt by not allowing school choice.

  3. Randal Graves says:

    1. Just move the the better district; if you can’t then SUCK IT UP.
    2. I’m sure it’s just the white man keeping her down.

  4. Rick says:

    I bet it is George W.Bush’s fault

  5. Mike47 says:

    Don’t forget our pressy-dent whose lawyers have consumed $950,000 covering up his birth history, so he won’t be the first White House occupant to be forcibly evicted for ineligibility.

  6. Bob G. says:

    Others don’t fail people like her.
    She failed herself FIRST, and then her kids.
    Only finger pointing should be in HER MIRROR.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Roll safe.

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