Attorneys for Rahm Emanuel late today asked the Illinois Supreme Court to prevent Chicago elections officials from printing ballots for the Feb. 22 mayor’s election without his name. Emanuel’s legal team also said they will ask the state’s highest court on Tuesday to hear their appeal of a decision by an appellate court today to knock him off the ballot on the grounds he doesn’t meet residency requirements. Chicago elections officials said today they have to begin printing the 2 million or so ballots needed for the election as well as preparing electronic voting machines for early voting that begins next Monday.


Emanuel held a news conference before the legal filings to try to reassure voters his campaign to succeed retiring Mayor Richard Daley continues. “I have no doubt at the end we’ll prevail in this effort,” Emanuel said at a news conference. “We’ll now go to the next level to get clarity.” “I still own a home here, (I) look forward to moving into it one day, vote from here, pay property taxes here. I do believe the people of the city of Chicago deserve a right to make a decision about who they want to be their next mayor,” Emanuel said. LINK

I think this is awesome. Personally I think Rahm Emanuel is one of the biggest rats in the entire political universe. Have you ever seen a bigger outright display of arrogance in your life? Mr. Emanuel and his boss President Obama decided that they wanted Rahm to be the next Mayor of Chicago when they brought Richard Daly in to replace him as White House Chief of Staff. Sort of re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

But Emanuel has been eliminated from the ballot for failing to meet the city residency requirement. Now why would Mr. Emanuel want to be the Mayor of Chicago? To bring down the horrendous crime in that city? No. To improve the schools? No. To improve the municipal services like police, fire, sanitation etc.? Try again. Rahm Emanuel wants to be the Mayor of Chicago so he can help Pres. Obama get re-elected. They want to use Chicago as a power base for his re-election campaign plain and simple. They will pay off everyone in sight to make that happen too.

Now it appears that two judges who can’t be bought off have barred his name from the ballot despite all his baseless protestations. Unless the Illinois Supreme Court overturns the lower court decision, he will stay off and rightly so. The fact is Rahm Emanuel has not resided in Chicago for the last year and that makes him ineligible to run for mayor. It doesn’t matter if he owns a house there or where he pays his taxes or votes. What matters is where you LIVE and the court ruled that way. Rahm knew it all along but like a typical rat-bastard politician he feels the rules don’t apply to him because of who he thinks he is… someone above the law. It’s disgusting and arrogant but so typical of the ruling class, liberal elites who currently occupy many seats of power in the government.

For the record Philadelphia has a residency requirement for (most) city employees. We must ACTUALLY LIVE in the city, not just own a house, pay taxes or vote here. Anyone who doesn’t comply and gets caught gets fired, period. Many people have been fired for that exact reason. I don’t like it but until it changes I must abide by the rules LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Now Rahm has to live by the rules too. Ha ha! Welcome to the world of the little people Rahm.



  1. Dustoff says:

    You said it Capt.

  2. Old NFO says:

    You got it in one… 🙂 And I love the fact that the judge actually APPLIED the law.

  3. Obobo says:

    If this goes through, then all union worker that work for the city of Chicago FD & PD and have to live in the city now can just say I own property in the city does that count. This guy is is a real ao.

    Hipocrite politican.

  4. Howie says:

    I have to disagree. As much as I think he is doing what you stated, he should not be penilized for serving in DC. No different than a military member returning to his home of record.

    • Howie – there is a big difference. Vets fall under special rules because they are giong of to war. There are very specific and numerous protections for Vets and for good reasons. I’m pretty sure being a Vet would be an exception in this case. Just like absentee ballots. For people other than Vets the election rules are pretty clear. Obama has a house in Chicago as well. The difference is that he hasn’t leased it out and actually stays there once in a while. Emmanuel leased his house out. He knew the rules and just flouted them because he’s arrogant.

      • Howie says:

        Not all soldiers/sailors leave their home state for war. Since I rented my house out in Florida, should I not be allowed to vote? The voter law (I believe) states he must live in the state fior one year. Not too friendly to someone who leaves to help the government or someone who is in the military. At least he is actually from Chicago and not moving there from Arkansas.

    • Howie- what does the federal law say?
      When I was in the service I remember that the law said my drivers license didn’t expire while on active duty. You had 90? days to get it renewed once you return.

      My point is that there are rules for all of us. Me-I HAVE to live in the city. If I get caught living elsewhere I get fired. Not too friendly to firefighters I could say. But I know the law and obey it.

      You have to obey the laws that pertain to servicemembers or else what? Is your boss going to just give you a pass if you decide to do as you please? I doubt it. But you follow the law as well.

      Rahm Emmanuel is a lwayer first and foremost. He is wired into not only national ploitics but local Chicago politics as well. He knows or should know what the laws are and should set the example for everyone else by following them. Chicago is one of the last few remaining big cities with concrete residency restrictions for cops and firefighters. Why should he be allowed to ignore the laws that others would get fired for violating?

      If you don’t think I have a valid reason to feel this way see the story about the woman who put her kids in a different school district.

  5. Bob G. says:

    Really breaks my heart….NOT!


    Stay safe.

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