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Tonight there was a massive natural gas explosion in the Tacony section of the city. You may remember me talking about Tacony. That’s the neighborhood that used to be covered by Engine 38. But (Squrt 38’s) station was torn down to make way for a new on ramp for I-95. The company has been permanently browned out since the Nutter administration started it’s brownout policy.

 I drive by the site of their former station all the time and there is little to no progress being made. In this economy with so many people out of work we would like to think all that stimulus money would put more people to work on this so-called “shovel ready” project. You know in World War II the Seabees could build an entire airstrip in 48 hours. Now it takes years to build an on ramp.

 In any event this fire has escalated to three alarms. There are reports of multiple gas (PGW) workers injured and at least one firefighter being transported to the hospital.

Maybe some of the politicians who keep demonizing those “greedy public employees” will finally shut their fat traps. The only workers on the scene of this gas leak tonight were City employees. They were out in the cold, on a dark and rainy night trying to fix a problem so the neighborhood wouldn’t be without gas service. That’s gas necessary for cooking and heat among other things. Something went wrong and now their lives hang in the balance.

It is often all to easy to take pot shots at city workers. Yet the reality is we do some incredibly dirty, dangerous but critical jobs that keep this and every big city running. When things go bad, people die. Lets hope tonight that’s not the case. LINK

FOX has incredible footage of the actual explosion here. I couldn’t get it to upload.




  1. Randal Graves says:

    Just saw it on CNN this morning. They said 1 worker died.

  2. Bob G. says:

    When a city decides that entitlements for the “poor” (read lazy) is worth more than public safety and infrastructure repair OR upgrades, THIS is often the reslt.
    THAT needs to change…and SOON.

    ROll safe out there.

  3. Mike47 says:

    Makes me think of the San Bruno gas line explosion last year. That was a 30″ high-pressure line; 8 persons killed, and an entire neighborhood wiped out. Cause found to be combination of factors; welds in a section thought to be seamless, and an intentional pressure surge. Fire response not a problem. Lots of automatic aid agreements kicked in.

  4. Old NFO says:

    Yeah, one dead… I’m betting the city will find some way to blame that person so they don’t have to pay insurance either… sigh…

  5. Jake says:

    NFO , what Lloyd will do is not consider the loss a fire death , probably will call it an Indus.Accident.

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