The Eagles scored four touchdowns in the last 7:28—including a dramatic 65-yard punt return for the game-winning score by DeSean Jackson in the game’s final seconds—to do something no one but probably the Eagles thought they could do in coming back to beat the Giants, 38-31, on Sunday at Giants Stadium.

Philadelphia now is in command of the NFC East at 10-4 and in a position to get a first-round bye in the playoffs, hosting two games against sub-.500 Minnesota and Dallas. The loss had to be devastating to the Giants, who fell to 9-5, but emotionally, they have to be absolutely spent by blowing two 21-point leads (24-3 and 31-10). LINK

Most who read this blog know I usually don’t do sports commentary. There are trillions of blogs and web pages out there that do sports far better than I can. I simply don’t know, for instance who the winning pitcher was in the 1958 World Series. To seriously talk sports… you have to know that kind of stuff. I am however a sports fan: Football, Hockey, Baseball and all forms of motor sports as well as shooting and any kind of racing. I am also a die-hard homer. I believe that you have a home team because somewhere long ago the people from one side of the hill had a beef with people on the other side and everyone decided to settle things by seeing who could throw a very large rock (or small animal) the farthest. In that instance you rooted for you village or whatever no questions about it.

So I support our Philly teams against all comers. Beyond that I really don’t care much about other people’s teams except to hate them. (Cowgirls). Ahem. Sorry. (No I’m not). Although I do like the Pittsburgh Steelers (old school). Now keep in mind that supporting any Philly team is the same as drinking Drano without an ambulance anywhere in sight. It can be dangerous to your health. We are always the team that can find a way to lose, to snatch defeat from the proverbial jaws of victory. So when one of our teams does catch lightning in a bottle like the E-A-G-L-E-S! have this season, it is pretty special. Today’s Eagles – Giants game started out like every other Eagles rout: get behind early, make some bad plays, give up the turn overs, generally phone in the second half and hope to limp into a wild card spot if we are lucky.

But something happened in the second half and it pains me to say it, that something is Michael Vick. The guy has heart and just enough talent to make the Eagles believe they are way better than they are. He also comes up big in critical situations, something we Eagles fans aren’t used to. Normally our quarterback would get hurt or vomit when the pressure got too great. I was at the firehouse for the first half and to a man NO ONE thought we had a shot. There was even talk of putting on another game since 99% of the time you don’t win football games in the NFL once you are down by 21 points.

By the time I got home I ran into the house, pushed Peach out-of-the-way and commandeered the remote. I knew something special was happening. A Christmas miracle? No telling. But the fourth quarter of today’s game is one for the record books. The Eagles didn’t give up when they were clearly beaten and that is something Philly fans live for. Never give up, never say die. When losers become winners it’s always a little bit more sweet. Thanks for the Christmas present Birds!

Go Eagles!



  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    The Miracle at the Meadowlands was better. Let’s face it; the Giants beat themselves, thanks to that idiot punter. He punts it away from Jackson and the Eagles lose – even with the felon QB.

  2. Yeah but usually it OUR team that does crap like that. Plus the Giants played as bad in the second half as the Eagles did in the first. It’s awesome when it happens to another team… for a change.

  3. Raptor says:

    I’m too young to remember the Miracle at the Meadowlands, but I’m gonna remember this game for a long time. Those last eight minutes are going down in history.

  4. FDLE Lew says:

    Nice post, Cap. Good thoughts about homers. Wyatt needs an intervention on not rooting for your home teams VS. rooting against your home teams. BTW, he punts away and it is OT–not a loss……..Go Birds

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