FOX 29 source codes also suck so I couldn't get the video to work. Click the link to see the video at their site.

Talk about picking the low hanging fruit. While the school district of Phila. wastes millions of tax payer dollars on no bid contracts, is plagued with racial tension and generally is failing Philadelphia’s kids under Arlene Ackerman, FOX 29 in Philadelphia has finally managed to pick off a big fish. They bagged a lowly carpenter doing side work on school district time. I guess they couldn’t catch anyone sleeping in the janitors closet. Philly FOX 29 news, unlike the national network does a horrible job. Their broadcasts are filled with dim-witted reporters who are so ignorant that they actually make Philly politicians look smart. THAT is hard to do. They are ignorant of basic facts of the region, and are so sappy that their news is usually unwatchable. LINK

One thing FOX Philly likes to do is the old ambush journalism or the big investigative report. The trouble is they rarely do anything of significance. Take this piece for instance. How many days did they tail this guy before they realized he was moonlighting? 3 maybe 4? And what is the result? They bag a dopey carpenter who makes about 50K a year. Nice work FOX. Way to do the people’s bidding. Meanwhile Arlene Ackerman, the school district superintendent  makes almost 400K a year and is using no bid contracts to hire minority firms to the tune of 7 MILLION dollars! Where is the reporter shoving a microphone in her face?

How about the out of control Housing Authority? How about some video from this bash:

UNDER THE dark cloud of a massive federal investigation, the Philadelphia Housing Authority parties on.

PHA and Tenant Support Services Inc. (TSSI), a nonprofit subsidiary under contract with PHA to provide tenant services, will hold a six-hour catered holiday party tomorrow night at the John F. Street Community Center, at 11th and Poplar streets, in North Philly. LINK

How about doing some REAL investigation on all of the corruption going on in our government these days? There is plenty of it. Folks one of the biggest problems with dysfunctional governments around the world is corruption. From China to Russia to Mexico, corruption destroys people’s faith in their government. At this point I have very little faith in our government to do anything right. Our Constitution protects journalists because they are supposed to keep a watch on the government. Yet any more real journalists who take that obligation seriously are few and far between.

Here’s a suggestion for FOX- if you really want to help the American people go hire that Andrew Breitbart to do your investigative reporting. At least he can see the forest for the trees.



  1. Bob G. says:

    Not to mention Andy KNOWS what a damn tree LOOKS like.

    Good post (and coverage)

    STay safe.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Good post, BAD coverage is right… sigh…

  3. You mean, you don’t like Jenaphrrrrrr Fredrick’s ditzy banter with Steve “Want Some Aunt Jemima’s with that Pancake Makeup” Keeley?

    Or, Mike Jerrick’s never-ending examples of sexual harassment in the work place?

    Or Dr. Mike’s over-caffeinated rants?

    Hell, you can practically hear SallyAnn Mosey screaming off-camera to get back to Channel 6!!

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