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PHILADELPHIA – December 9, 2010 (WPVI) — On the day there was a possible sighting of the ‘Kensington Strangler,’ police released surveillance video of an assault suspect. On Thursday evening, Philadelphia police released surveillance video of a suspect wanted for an aggravated assault in Kensington and who, police say, is a person of interest in the ‘Kensington Strangler’ case.

You think where I work isn’t creepy? Guess again. There is a maniac on the loose in the Kensington section of the city, my local. The so-called “Kensington Strangler” is suspected in at least two murders possibly more. Even in a local filled with pimps and prostitutes, drug addicts and dealers, petty thieves and career criminals a serial killer stands out.

I originally wanted to ignore this story as I don’t think giving nuts like this any more press than absolutely necessary is warranted. But the story has gone national. The FBI is now involved. So in the interest of public service, if you happen to be in the Kensington section of the city (why you would be, I don’t know) unless of course you are a cop, fireman, medic or other public employee, or are there to score drugs or otherwise engage in illicit conduct and you happen to see the maniac in the above video, kindly call the cops and go the other way.

Back to work in the AM and on the lookout for the ‘Kensington Strangler”.



  1. Bob G. says:

    I’ve been following this stalker at K&A…scary sh*t there.

    The guy has to be a serial murderer.
    That explains the Feds getting in on it.

    That’s not a bad sec/cam vid, considering.

    God, I remember K&A being a place where everyone went to on Friday nights, and it was SAFE to go there.
    I remember Wimpy’s along Allegheny just north of Kensington…
    The Midway theater was always packed and no assaults!
    (coming or going)
    And the trolley rides were great…AND cheap.

    Man, how time changed (and were allowed to go down the crapper).

    You stay safe down there.

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