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As my good buddy Wyatt has opined today, our local talk radio station WPHT has decided on a forum shakeup. They are dropping national heavyweights Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity in favor of local talkers Dom Giordano and Michael Smerconish. Now like most conservatives in liberal big-city America, I believe talk radio is our front line of resistance. That’s why the liberals are so dead set in pushing their so-called “Fairness Doctrine”. The CENSORSHIP DOCTRINE as I call it is nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt to further silence conservative thought and speech. Ever since their foray into the talk radio medium, “Air America” crashed and burned, and liberals have been whining how unfair the media is. Funny, when they were pushing Obama during the Presidential campaign everything was cool.

So it’s kind of strange that WPHT is dropping a successful lineup. WPHT’s conservative lineup is thriving in a left-wing, liberal democrat, big city.  Since Dom Giordano is a non-factor in this market it looks like the real goal here is to push Michael Smerconish and his faux- conservatism or “moderate-ism”. Smerconish wants nothing more than to be a national media player like Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh. Problem is, he’s no conservative, and liberal thought is so widely discredited that there is no market for it outside government. Although he wraps himself in a conservative jacket by adopting causes like the death penalty for cop killers like Mumia Abu-Jamal, Smerconish in his support and defense of the Obama administration clearly indicates that he would much rather be rich and famous than take principled positions on conservative issues. Mr. Moderate is only looking to promote himself much like the RINO Republicans currently being purged from the ranks of the Republican party. Go along to get along. His longtime support of that tool Arlen Specter illustrates my point.

This is America, where free enterprise is a cornerstone of our democracy. So I can only say that the decision by WPHT to carry out this change theoretically should be nothing more than a business move, pure and simple. If that is the case, then so be it. WPHT has made their choice and it’s their radio station, they need to turn a profit, so I guess they know what they are doing. But call me skeptical. 

I am a radio consumer like most conservatives and a primary target audience member for talk radio. If the Big Talker thinks this move is in any way going to make me and most conservative listeners tune in more often, than lots of luck, guys. Because as soon as this change takes place I will no longer listen to this station (except for Rush Limbaugh). And the minute Rush is picked up by another station, that will be it for WPHT on my radio. WPHT already pre-empt’s Rush during the summer in favor of the Phillies and I have no appetite to listen to baseball on the radio. So there will be no reason to tune into WPHT after January.

Beck and Hannity will most likely be picked up by another station in this market – you can bet on it. (Most likely 990 AM, I hope). That station will instantly become a competitor for WPHT and will get the support of the loyal conservatives in the area. Mr. Moderate – Smerconish – I predict will flounder about because there is no national market for talk radio “moderates”. Eventually this will prove to be a disaster for WPHT but a golden opportunity for another station to take over their market share and eventually force them into obscurity. I hope. I sent the station an e-mail letting them know my feelings on the issue. Here are some excerpts of their gracious reply:

“So, allow us to explain our thinking and goals. No slight or insult is intended toward Glen Beck who started syndication right here at WPHT, or Sean Hannity whom we consider a friend”. 


“The fact is that we had three national shows that lasted nine hours, and while they were different in style and presentation, they largely covered the same national political topics. What they didn’t do was devote a lot of time to local issues that specifically concern residents of the Delaware Valley.”

Fair enough, but broadcasting from the local Pep Boys or Wal-Mart about the big local high school football game is your plan to get MORE people to tune into political radio? I’m not buying it. Were any of these shows LOSING money? Do they think they are going to make MORE money with Chris Stigall (who?) than Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity? Were conservatives clamoring for more local apathetic talk?  Somehow I doubt it. Dom Giordano is case in point. This is all about Smerconish and his gigantic ego.

“Before making the decision that you are not going to listen to WPHT ever again, we hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to live up to the promise of greatness that we are striving for every day. We think you’re going to come to enjoy Chris Stigall in mornings. He is a Conservative who uses wit and humor to entertain while sharing his views”.  


“…Michael Smerconish will devote more of his time broadcasting specifically to Philadelphians”

Again, Smerconish is going to spend more time broadcasting specifically to Philadelphians… Yawn. He isn’t getting it done in the morning so this is all nonsense. The small talker has decided for whatever reasons to go in another direction. I for one don’t think this makes any sense, but I’m not a radio programmer. In any event I’m voting with my ideas and ears on this one. Just like Wyatt!

Besides am I supposed to believe that Smerconish will suddenly start talking about the corruption and injustice that goes on in this city? Is he going to start talking about the disintegration of the fire department? Or the incompetence of schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman? If so, what’s stopping him from doing so now? I doubt he has any idea what goes on in the PFD, and in reality he could really care less. There is plenty of local material he could already be talking about, but like most media types he wants to get invited to the right parties. That means pandering and groveling. 

 “Ultimately there will remain ample venues to hear and see Glen Beck and Sean Hannity across the radio dial, Internet and cable television. They are talented broadcasters, but we think you will enjoy the new 1210 WPHT even more”.

 Kindest regards,
Andy Bloom, Operations Manager, 1210 WPHT
Ed Palladino, Program Director, 1210 WPHT

That’s all well and good but he’s not LOCAL, remember? I never heard of this guy. Besides I already listen to Bill Bennet on 990 AM after giving up on Mr. Moderate, Smerconish. Let me get this straight – you are replacing a “local moderate” with an out of town conservative in order to get more local listeners? At the same time you are dropping big name national talent… Uh huh.


15 Responses to MORE MSM SELLOUT

  1. madmike59 says:

    Sums it up for me. But Medved is on 990 in afternoon drive. Not sure they would pick up Hannity. PLus they have no POWER. Signal is weak just over in my town in New jersey. I try to listen to Bill B and Michale medved but it can be tough. Good article Cap

  2. […] Captain America sent me an e-mail about this yesterday, and my jaw hit the floor. I loved listening to Glenn Beck and Rush, even though Beck goes overboard way too often. The bottom line is that the two are very entertaining, which I thought was the point of radio. Guess not. So, after 10+ years of loyal listening, I am boycotting 1210AM forever. I already changed the pre-set in my car from 1210 to 770WABC (New York), where I can listen to Rush and Hannity if I feel the need. As for Beck, I’ll look for him online. […]

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    I love how these tools think headlining an idiot like Michael Smerconish – while dropping the second and third-most popular radio programs in the nation – will make them a ratings winner. And Chris Stigall? Puh-lease!

    This is exactly what you said it is – a kowtow to Smerconish. It will doom them to the bottom of the ratings pile, and I will laugh my ass off when it does. The comments at the link I posted were numerous. Out of 82, about 5 were positive. The rest said they were done with 1210.

    I won’t even listen to Rush on 1210 anymore. I’ll get the signal out of 770AM, NYC. Same with Hannity. Signal is pretty good during the day here.

  4. Mario Mirarchi says:

    “…Michael Smerconish will devote more of his time broadcasting specifically to Philadelphians”

    Because no listens to him in syndication and no one watches him on MSNBC.

  5. I guess 990 will eventually boost their signal. I get it in the morning pretty well, but I think we are at their limit.

  6. Bob G. says:

    GOes to show how LONG I’ve been away from Philly…used to be WCAU 1210…(wow).

    Got three words:
    (and the boycotts work damn well, too)

    It’s YOUR radio station as much as the people that OWN it.
    In fact all of YOU pay for it (adverts).
    Time to get some of what YOU pay for…
    If they don’t want to listen, NEITHER should you (to them).

    Stay the course.
    Stay safe.

  7. CB says:

    Hey, give Stigall a chance. My wife just informed me that he is leaving KC. Disappointed but not surprised… it was only a matter of time before a big market discovered him. First, he is a true, no-nonsense conservative. We attended our first tea party event because of him (he promoted, organized, and headlined it). Second, he’s funny and entertaining as hell. I have XM and listened to him over all the other national conservative talkers (this must be what your station is going for, he took over the KC market). Third, he is pragmatic and mainstreet, not pretentious and elitist. He is an unabashed supporter of our troops, police, and firefighters and rails against ivory tower elitist with a wit and wicked sarcasm that makes you LMFAO.
    Not sure why I took time to write this, but felt compelled to when searching for news of his departure from our market and found your post. Believe me, our loss is your gain but I highly expect him to emerge as a national guy in short order because he is too good, too funny, and too common sense not to successfully connect with the masses. In fact Smerconish is really the one who should be worried… b/c Stigall will soon be eating his (wavering, moderate) lunch. He regularly took on a couple of slightly-center-right afternoon guys down the dial for being such non-principled, wishy-washy clowns. Really man, give Chris a listen and you’ll quickly realize he’s one of you.

  8. CB says:

    Should of just pointed to the comments here, where other KC listeners are posting.

  9. Lisa M says:

    Buzz around town has it that Beck and Hannity will land at a Philly Clear Channel-owned station that is currently not a talker. Look for a change in format in one of these.

    While you covered most of what offends conservatives about Smerconish, what you miss is the absolute insidiousness of his agenda. By portraying himself as a “conservative/moderate” he gives cover to countless slobbering liberals desperate for validation that their views are, in fact, in the mainstream. This is more than offensive; it’s inherently dishonest.

    Let us not forget that immediately following 9/11, Michael Smerconish’s most important contribution to the Philadelphia political climate was reporting on his trip to Cuba with Arlen Specter and how he gave Fidel Castro an NYFD ball cap.

  10. Lisa M says:

    CB: Stigall may well be a good, if not great conservative radio host. But his hiring just doesn’t jibe with PHT’s party line that they are trying to be more “local.”

  11. FWIW – MSM and leftist stalwart CeeBS owns 1210, so Beck and Hannity are burrs under their saddle. Also, ever since Snarkisonofabitch threw Philly Republicans under the bus in 2008, he’s lost listeners to REAL conservative Bill Bennett in droves.

  12. Bern says:

    I stopped listening to Smerconish when his favorite pronoun became “I”! I was tired of hearing him pat himself on the back. His inroads were due to the late Mayor, Frank Rizzo. If not for him, Michael would be doing what??? Have listened to Beck and Rush and will be looking for where ever Beck goes. Other than Rush, no reason to tune into 1210!

  13. Tim says:

    I am boycotting The no talker 1210 am, I can tune in Rush on other stations. Smerconish and his show stinks, We avioded it and stressed out whenever his voice poped up on a commercial spot his tone is just annoying. I liked Dom Giordano for the most part in limited doses again his tone can wear on you after a point. also Dom lost much crediblity from dumping on Cristen Odonald of Del. We will also Boycott all WPHT advertisers at this point. That`s it 1210 is history.

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