Ever think you would see the day when a guy like the fire-breathing, blood spurting, bass player from one of the worlds most enduring rock bands would have more class that the President of the United States of America? Well I give you Gene Simmons. Someone sent me this as an e-mail and it was so amazing I couldn’t wait until Rock A Rolla Tuesday to post it. Anyone who supports our troops like this has my ultimate respect. Just look at the faces of the audience. They look like they all just got a weekend pass with a pay raise. It’s a shame that our current CINC only managed to phone in Veterans Day this year. I guess if you have to explain how important our Vets are to this nation to someone, then that person wouldn’t understand anyway. Hats off to Gene Simmons and his band mates. Nice Job!



  1. Bob G. says:

    Works for me!

    Stay safe out there.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Mike47 says:

    Thanks for that, Captain.

  3. […] Captain America sent me an e-mail about this yesterday, and my jaw hit the floor. I loved listening to Glenn Beck and Rush, even though Beck goes overboard way too often. The bottom line is that the two are very entertaining, which I thought was the point of radio. Guess not. So, after 10+ years of loyal listening, I am boycotting 1210AM forever. I already changed the pre-set in my car from 1210 to 770WABC (New York), where I can listen to Rush and Hannity if I feel the need. As for Beck, I’ll look for him online. […]

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