As anyone who reads this blog knows I don’t pull any punches especially when it comes to politicians. If I think you’re a loser, I’ll say it. If I think you’re a good guy or an underdog who deserves a fair shot… NO MATTER WHAT THE POLITICAL BIG WIGS THINK, I’ll say that to. Does it make any difference what I think to the price of apples in China? Of course not. But when thousands of like-minded people stand up for their beliefs in spite of the “conventional wisdom” or what the political BIG WIGS think, that does mean something.

That’s the message of the Tea Party and the millions of average Americans who identify with the movement. American conservatives are sick and tired of losers and faux conservatives like Mike Castle and have decided to take a stand against them. It’s not a civil war, it’s a PURGE. The entrenched party hacks of course don’t care about the will of the people and are fighting hard to maintain the status quo, the same status quo that got us into this mess. That’s why they despise the Tea Party so much that when defeated handily they resort to cry baby tactics. Case in point: Mike Castle STILL has not endorsed Christine O’Donnell after she drubbed him with help from average Americans who were sick and tired of a career politician doing what he wanted, not what the people who elected him wanted. How creepy and outright juvenile is that? My guess is that Castle is the kid who took his ball and went home when things didn’t go his way on the playground in second grade. My what an effect a life of privilege and getting your own way has on you. I wonder if Castle would have treated a man that way? Mike Castle is bad for the party and is certainly no gentleman. He’s a loser.

While I’m at it I also wanted J.D. Drew to win in Arizona because John McCain is another tired RINO who votes whatever way the political winds blow. His ever evolving stance on immigration is a testament to that. Remember John McCain, the “Maverick” independent and darling of the left-wing media during his miserable presidential campaign? He wasn’t so independent during his last campaign though. McCain’s flip-flopping on some of the most serious issues facing our country has completely eroded his leadership potential. It’s the same old story with these RINO’S: forsake your conservative principles in order to curry temporary favor with the elite media and so-called “moderates” only to find out they were using you as a useful idiot all along.

This year the people are speaking loud and clear. The question is how much dignity and loyalty do the losers have. Unlike those who voted for Obama, I’m thinking there is little buyers remorse from those who showed Castle the door.


  1. Randal Graves says:

    Why does he have to endorse her? Why do you “Tea Partiers” even want a RINO’s endorsement? Who’s the crybaby now?

  2. I’m sorry did you miss the point about being a gentleman? I forgot, Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned.
    It just shows how small he is.

  3. Randal Graves says:

    liberal, liberal, liberal; obviously your favorite buzz word.

    Why does he have to be a gentlemen?…just because she’s a woman? These two people were at each others throats for the whole back half of the election. He doesn’t owe her shit.

  4. Crusy says:

    Cap, Looks like girlie-man Mike is holding his breath until he gets his way

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