One bulletin from Harrisburg warned that a protest over use of carriage horses in Philadelphia could turn into “a fertile recruiting or meeting ground” for militant animal-rights activists.



Another said convicted police killer Mumia Abu-Jamal’s supporters might turn desperate and “attack perceived enemies” after a prosecutor vowed to seek his execution.

And Halloween might bring “rowdy behavior” from eco-activists in masks and costumes at a lunchtime rally outside the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Philadelphia office.

Those and other warnings about domestic political groups – ranging from antinuclear protesters to tea-party activists – can be found all through 137 state-issued intelligence bulletins that Gov. Rendell’s office released Friday amid continuing criticism of the program that produced the bulletins.

The bulletins, issued to police, public officials, and commercial interests three times a week since October, were prepared by a private contractor that the state Office of Homeland Security hired last year for $103,000 without competitive bidding. Much of their content – such as announcements of protest events – was readily available through Internet searches. LINK

Isn’t this special? While the lunatic left blistered us for eight years of the Bush administration, while they railed and decried the loss of our individual liberties to warrantless wiretaps, Guantanamo detentions and extraordinary renditions, now we find out that our own government is indeed infringing on our personal freedoms. Only it’s the Democrats that are doing it!

Let’s re-cap: The Bush-era tactics had one overarching goal. That goal was to keep us safe from another terrorist attack by a foreign network of deadly terrorists, Al Qaeda. Those policies were implemented AFTER our nation suffered the horrors of 911. Yet despite the Patriot Act being passed by Congress the lunatic left portrayed it as some nefarious attempt by the Bush administration to monitor their foolishness. (Foolishness that is on full display 24-7 and requires very little covert monitoring).

In an attempt to update the tools our security services needed to combat years of atrophy at the hands of politically correct and lawyer driven democrat policies, the Patriot Act was designed to close the technology gap born of the internet age. Internet, cell phones, disposable phones, satellite communications all allowed our enemies to gain an advantage that they were using to plan attacks world-wide. It was these situations that were being targeted and it was plain to anyone who looked at the situation objectively. When the FBI and the CIA can’t share information that can save American lives, something is wrong. Most Americans understood that. They also understood that in some situations security procedures would be getting tighter and more elaborate, necessarily due to the THREAT we faced, not some desire to look in our brown bag lunches just because they could.

Yet the lunatic left obstructed, protested and sued at every turn. They accused the Bush administration of every horrible crime and claimed all sorts of dire consequences as a result of the prosecution of the Al Qaeda war. Their actions in many instances made prosecution of that war harder and in some cases allowed terrorists to get away.

So it is with shock and mild amusement that we now learn that our own creepy sportscaster / Governor Ed Rendell has been doing EXACTLY what those in HIS PARTY had so vehemently accused the Bush administration of doing, the main difference being the Democrats AS PER STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE are using the power of the government to keep tabs on American citizens not foreign terrorists! Can you imagine if this was George Bush? Ho-lee-cow!

What is even richer is that our Democrat Government is using a PRIVATE CONTRACTOR to provide intelligence information on domestic groups. This is hypocrisy in its highest form. However I have to say true to form, while the Democrats copy everything they complain about from Republicans, they still manage to overpay for it. PRICELESS.


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