Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell, a perennial candidate with no government experience, soundly defeated veteran politician Mike Castle for the Republican Senate nomination in Delaware Tuesday — posing a major upset to the political establishment on the last big day of primaries. With all precincts reporting, O’Donnell beat Castle 53-47 percent.

O’Donnell’s win stands as the latest sign of Tea Party strength but also the latest test of whether that movement helps or hinders the Republican Party, with an open seat and perhaps a GOP Senate majority at stake. LINK

Let me say this about that- HOO YA! I have been watching this race with great interest like many Conservatives / Republicans and all I can say is HA FREAKING HA! I’ll be up front in saying I don’t know much about Christine O’Donnell except that the Republican Party establishment tried to destroy her candidacy and it failed … BIG TIME. And right now having the party establishment in your corner is a bad thing, a VERY bad thing. What ever happened to the Reagan principle of never speaking ill of a fellow Republican? It seems like the party bosses may be fearing for their jobs.

I started watching the race closely when some “conservative” heavies came out full blast against her and supported Mike Castle a career politician and BIG TIME RINO. Now like I said I don’t know much about Miss O’Donnell (except she’s easy on the eyes compared to Castle).What I do know about Mike Castle is defeating him was WORTH A LOSS IN NOVEMBER and I’ll tell you why:

1) RINO’s are the reason our country is teetering on the brink of disaster right now. These liberals Republicans like Lindsey Grahamnesty, Snarlin’ Arlen Specter, John McCain, Schwarzenegger, and Bloomberg to name a few aren’t real conservatives. They sell out real Conservatives at every turn on every issue that is of any importance in order to “reach across the aisle” and portray themselves as “moderates” or “centrists” just so other liberal elites will like them or won’t speak negatively of them. This constant caving in or even out right selling out like Specter or Charlie Crist is tantamount to treason and shows what these career politicians really think of the voters who send them to Washington. They only care about their own asses and staying in office.

Folks this looks like a purge to me. A purge of RINO Republicans and liberal, moderate, wussy, non-conservatives who have let our party down by their big spending, open border, socially liberal, big government ways. And I think it’s about time.

Now I listened and read how some pundits like Karl Rove and Michael Medved come out and said that O’Donnell can’t win and it’s better to have a “moderately” reliable wuss like Castle in our corner some of the time as opposed to a Democrat all of the time. Well what does that say about Democrats? IT SAYS THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MODERATE DEMOCRAT! That makes my case! Castle has only a 52% voting record with the GOP. You mean to tell me we can’t get a “moderate” Blue Dog Democrat to at least do that much? Probably not. Castle was effectively a Democrat anyway. If the Delaware state party isn’t confident enough to run on conservative principles and a conservative agenda then they should get out of politics because they are only serving THEIR OWN interests not the electorates.

The way I see it Castle is a failure. He had to go in order to shake things up. Now it’s up to the Delaware state party and the national party to step up and throw EVERYTHING PLUS THE KITCHEN SINK at her opponent in order to help O’Donnell win. After all winning the Senate is supposedly a very big deal (it is). That means it’s time to get in there and fight. Doing otherwise is EXACTLY the kind of behavior that gave birth to the Tea Party in the first place. We want every election contested not conceded. If O’Donnell doesn’t deliver should she win then she should be fired in the next election – plain and simple. I have already heard that the national party is balking at supporting her. If that is the case then I will URGE EVERY CONSERVATIVE AND LIKE MINDED REPUBLICAN TO WITH HOLD ANY DONATIONS FROM THE NATIONAL COMMITTEE AND SEND THEM INSTEAD TO THE CANDIDATE OR THE LOCAL TEA PARTY. SCREW THEM! Also I don’t know if Mike Castle endorsed he in his concession speech but he had better. Not to would be classless and indicative of what is wrong with the party.

Now if Castle wasn’t such an arrogant, entrenched liberal Republican he would have beat this novice soundly. Instead the people have sent their party a message and I for one have new faith in my fellow countrymen as a result.

In any event I’m not so sure O’Donnell can’t win: especially this year, and here’s why:

1) This is not the Democrat’s year and anti-incumbent fever will insure a heavy Republican turn out this November.

2) The same GOP that is complaining about her beating Castle had better realize she did so IN SPITE of the attacks they financed against her. Se has backing from Sarah Palin and I can see that rally sucking the air out of any of the opponents media coverage in an instant. Maybe the best job for Sarah Palin would be National Party Chair. She can certainly raise money and help candidates much more effectively than Michael Steele has.

3) The Tea Party movement will be supporting her with a strong grass-roots effort of highly motivated voters. If she can manage to stay on message and not screw up too badly maybe she can eek out a win. As we know experience is no longer a factor when running for elected office. It is officially a go-for-what-you-know-environment these days. All they have to do is get her to push the right button at the right time and she’ll be fine.

So while the GOP is sending a message of purging itself of liberals, the Democrats are re-electing the likes of Charlie Rangel.



  1. Old NFO says:

    Here’s hoping she wins… Change IS better than another RINO back in the office…

  2. Randal Graves says:

    Enjoy the victory of this battle because, thanks to the Tea Party, it will cost you the war. The Tea Party will end up hurting the Republican Party in the long run and this is a prime example why.

    Oh, and good luck endorsing the candidate who is anti-masturbation.


  3. Randal Graves says:

    Actually, I’m not reaching; I put that as a joke. Too bad tea partiers can’t see the forest through the trees.

  4. Wyatt Earp says:

    Talking Points Memo is basically the blog version of the Left. It is like me quoting from Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan’s site. I’m not denying the story – it’s true – but take the spin for what it is.

    That being said, there were a lot of Republicans that wanted her to lose because they thought she couldn’t win the general. I figured Castle would easily win over Coons – the raving moonbat Dem – as opposed to O’Donnell – who has a lot of issues. The good news for Delaware is that conservatives have a chance there. Castle was pretty much a Dem in GOP clothing . . . with big ears.

    Either way, the anti-incumbent wave seems unstoppable. If Castle can lose in Delaware, anyone can.

  5. Wyatt Earp says:

    And say what you want about Sarah Palin, but she’s picking more winners than Spaulding from Caddyshack.

  6. The Chick says:

    A well earned victory to Christine ! I’m still undecided over the whole Tea Party view. Being a republican, I’m trying to keep my mind open until the next election in my state.

  7. Look the Republican establishment CAUSED the Tea Party to be born by not adhearing to the party platform. Period. It is the liberal wing of the party that has caused the rift, NOT the conservative. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Well it’s clear that the liberals have been in charge and have screwed things up badly, leading to the election of the Obama government. It is time they are getting their come-uppance. If you want to make an omlette you have to break some eggs.
    I don’t agree that ANY candidate can or can not win ESPECIALLY this year. This is just like the end of the regular season and now it’s playoff time. ANYTHING can happen. But I will say this- the NATIONAL PARTY HAD BETTER SUPPORT ALL OF OUR CANDIDATES. Otherwise they are just a part of the problem and they will be next. I won’t send them ONE THIN DIME!

  8. Dustoff says:

    ME TOO Capt….


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