Readers of First In may remember my motivation for starting this blog was in large part to refute the delirium put out by the so-called 9/11 “Truthers”. Let me be very clear as a professional firefighter with years of experience, especially working in high-rise buildings I have nothing but contempt for these people and the evil bile they spew. They accuse our government of being responsible for the atrocity of 911. No matter how you feel about politicians it is simply unacceptable to make groundless charges of mass murder.

I have read their claims and have gone over them in the interest of professional research and I am quite convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are utter and complete non-sense unworthy of further serious examination. Like global warming they are discredited and exposed. They cannot withstand serious examination as Popular Mechanics has proved.

Now in a stunning turn of events it has been revealed that the man at the center of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy is a close associate of one of these nut bags. It is being reported that Imam Raufs close associate Faiz Khan is a 9/11 “Truther” and has preached those beliefs openly. That is irrefutable and documented.

For those of us who saw through the B.S. rhetoric about this”Moderate Muslim” Imam just wanting to build an “interfaith” facility where all religions can come together from the beginning, this is icing on the cake. Moderate Muslim first is an oxy-moron as there are no interfaith houses of worship ANYWHERE in the Muslim world. Islam seeks to dominate, not integrate.

What we consider moderate and what Muslims consider moderate are two entirely different concepts. And for the record history has a very short list of heroic moderates. So the fact that this Imam would have or continues to have an association with someone like this is all I need to confirm my suspicions that this is nothing more than a “Victory Mosque” and those behind it don’t give a rat’s ass about being “moderate” whatever that may mean.

Remember the first World Trade Center bombing plot was hatched in… wait for it… A Brooklyn Mosque! So we would do ourselves a solid and wake up to the dangers that radical Islam represents. There are still many very bad, motivated people, mostly Muslim, who want to kill as many of us as possible. There is nothing we can give them or do for them except convert to Islam that will call them off. Until we grow up and begin to deal with facts and not emotions, until we decide to behave as responsible adults and confront the forces of evil lined up against us we will continue to give the enemy a clear shot at our lives and those of our loved ones.



  1. Andrew says:

    I hate 9/11 Truthers with a burning passion.

    Like you, I’ve gone over as many details as possible to understand the science behind the disasters that day.

    They always bring up three things:
    1) That the steel did not melt because the heat never reached melting point temperatures. Thus, something else had to have caused the building to fail.

    2) They cite other high rise fires (One Meridian Plaza, Windsor Building, Interstate Bank Building), explaining they did not collapse even after burning for hours

    3) Empire State building 1945 – B-25 crashes into 79th floor – building did not collapse

    If they cared to get their heads out of their asses and actually do a little homework they’d find that…

    1) Steel can/WILL easily fail before coming even remotely close to its melting point

    2) These buildings were constructed differently than the WTC – more importantly, they did not have jetliners with full fuel loads crusing at 500mph impact the building – basically a missile, the impacts severed structural supports, further weakening it, then massive out of control fires burned in the blink of an eye

    3) They forget that a B-25 is not only much smaller than a 737, but flies much slower and carries much less fuel – also the fire was doused in 40 minutes – never buring out of control

    I know you’re already aware of this all Capt, I just needed to vent about it.

    Obviously, there are loads more facts that Truthers miss, but these are the ones that always get my blood boiling.

    They’re brainless drones…

    If they go through with this Mosque, I hope some FDNY fireman burns this thing to the ground and the first, second, third in companies park their apparatus outside the building, smoke cigars, and watch it burn…

  2. Lisa M says:

    It’s about freakin’ time this guy is taking some serious heat and finally being subjected to some real scrutiny. Imam Rauf speaks out of both sides of his mouth with a forked tongue: first, we’re racist for objecting to this project and thinking that radical Muslims would never consider it a Victory Mosque (never once considering that yes, those ignorant infidels know exactly what the significance of the name “Cordoba Center” means). Yet when pressed up against the wall to move the mosque or suffer the fate of a burnt Koran or two, well, then, it seems suddenly radical Isalm has a whole bunch to say about that! Suddenly, Imam Rauf is afraid that the radicals will react violently if the mosque is moved. Rauf can’t have it both ways: either the location is significant to radical Islam or not.

    It’s funny that most liberal Americans would willingly submit to sharia law under the name of politcal correctness (under the misguided assumption that they are exhibiting enlightenment), yet they find Trutherism so utterly disgusting and distasteful that they are willing to put political correctness on the back burner and actually take a closer look at what GZM opponents have been saying for months about the key people involved in the GZM project.

  3. Bob G. says:

    VERY well said!

    And some excellent comments to boot!

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