The NFL is looking into whether New York Jets players harassed Ines Sainz, a female reporter from a Mexican television network, during a practice on Saturday.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said on Sunday that the league was aware of the reports that the TV Azteca reporter may have been singled out by Jets players and possibly coach Rex Ryan. While the facts are still being gathered, the leading advocacy group for female reporters, the Association of Women in Sports Media, has agreed to hold an education seminar for Jets players and staff in the coming days. LINK

Meet Inez Sainz. Miss Sainz is a “reporter” for some Mexican media outlet who was in New York to interview some of the players. While there apparently some of the Jets players made something along the lines of “cat calls” and “comments” directed in her direction. Well as you can guess that’s all it took to set off a media firestorm. Now the Jets players are being lined up for sensitivity brainwashing by the forces of political correctness.

Despite Miss Sainz saying there was no harassment, intimidation or anything along those lines, some media outlets are calling for an investigation. Mind you it’s not an investigation into women being allowed into the private dressing area of male athletes, something that is patently forbidden for female athletes and male reporters. It’s an investigation that as far as I can tell, is into men being men. Did I miss something here?

Lets face facts- Miss Sainz is stunningly beautiful and that’s just what I’ve seen of her on TV. She also knows how beautiful she is and the effect she has on men. So lets not act like we are all in third grade. This story is about sex and sports. It’s about some females acting like innocent school girls while using all of their physical attributes to the best of their ability. Women, like men dress for the occasion. If you want to be taken seriously be it in a job interview or a locker room interview your dress says volumes.

If Miss Spain walks into a room with some of the greatest male athletes on the planet (well okay, the Jets) she should be professional. That means not dressing like you are going clubbing. In any event if you do draw some random comments, they are just that… comments. There is a saying that goes something like this: Man Up!

I’m not trying to give anyone a free pass to be hostile or seriously offensive or even intimidating. But the whole fact that women are allowed into men’s locker rooms is wrong and bothers the sh*t out of me. What’s to say that the men in the locker room aren’t offended by HER presence? Especially the married men. Yukking it up with Miss Spain right after you get out of the shower can’t be a good thing for keeping a marriage strong.

The argument for allowing women into the men’s locker rooms is predicated on men AND women behaving themselves at all times. NOWHERE else in our society do men and women mix in that context. Not school, the gym you go to, not work or even in the service. Separate allowances are always made for the privacy of the sexes. Except pro sports. Maybe in the future if Miss Sainz doesn’t want to be the center of attention of doesn’t want to hear how beautiful she is she will conduct herself appropriately and the media will wait until they actually have a story before reporting on one.



  1. Crusty says:

    Think the Jets are hoping for Ines to give the training in that dress and standing sideways. 100% attendance guaranteed. Hope her papers are in order we don’t want to send her back

  2. Ingineer66 says:

    Why is there such a double standard? Women can work at mens clothing stores but men cannot work at Victoria’s Secret. I was at Macy’s with my wife while she was trying on dresses and she wanted me to come look at her when she was standing in front of the mirrors near the dressing rooms. The female employees stopped me and said I could not even go back to the area of the women’s dressing rooms, but last week at Penney’s when I was trying on clothes there were women handing their sons and husbands clothes right in the dressing rooms. Seems like discrimination to me.

    Sorry for the long rant, just have a problem with women that want to be treated like equals right up to the point when they decide that they don’t want to be treated like equals.

    • You are telling me parading Miss Spain in the locker room is good policy? No matter WHAT her job is it’s B.S. Does that mean that the maintenance guy can go plaster the walls in the women’s locker room? Ridiculous.

  3. Sally Anne says:

    Women really like to be told they’re beautiful– we don’t care for catcalls.

    It’s nice if a man looks at a woman appreciatively– it is downright creepy to be leered at.

    There’s a line and a very large number of men don’t know where it is (or do and figure they can get away with it anyway).

    That said, Ms. Sainz should have thought about what was in the locker room before she went in, and decided whether she really trusted a room full of “professional” athletes to behave professionally. Personally, I wouldn’t have taken the chance. The old saying about what barnyard animal men resemble must have come from somewhere.

    (No offense fellas, I am sure your mommas raised you right.)

    • Sally Anne: you are right there is a line between “playful comments” and “catcalls”. There is also a level of personal responsibility that everyone must accept. For example if I walk down a dark alley at 0200 and get jumped and robbed no one would say I deserved it (maybe) but everyone would say “he should have known better”. Same applies to women. I get the fact that she is doing her job and all that but when we start denying our own humanity then we become automatons. Fact is men like women. They really like pretty women. And when it comes to Miss ANYTHING we get stupid.

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